[PAID] All in One Menu

The menu your server needs, if you are looking for an alternative to the commonly used resource vMenu then this is perfect for you.

Showcase Videos: Original Showcase, Latest Showcase


  • Protected by CFX.re escrow, you can purchase the open source version here.
  • Very configurable with an easy to use config to enable, disable or change different features.
  • Easy to use permission system to whitelist / allow list certain features to an ace permission and disable them, will work with any discord ace perms resource also.
  • Includes a variety of different options which can be seen in the showcase videos above.
  • Works perfectly with onesync infinity, all players, vehicles etc… are handled by the server instead of the client.
  • Includes a police menu and jail system.
  • Includes an ems menu, death system and hospitalization system.
  • Includes a great saving system for peds, vehicles and loadouts in which you can save locally and globally. Local saves will only work on the server the save was made on and global saves will work on all servers the menu is used on.
  • Works with every game build as of 8/31/2022.
  • All peds, vehicles and weapons come pre-configured but can be adjusted easily.
  • Very optimized, 0.00ms to 0.01ms idle.
  • Supports both right and left alignment, banner, title and menu color can also be changed in the config.
  • Includes a supporter ace perm to whitelist / allow list certain weapons, vehicles etc… to them also.
  • Translation file to translate every single part of the menu to a language of your choosing.
  • Includes a Nos / Nitrous system with purge.
  • No-clip system with an optional command and keybind.

& More

If you would like any more features within this menu then please make sure to suggest them, this is currently an actively updated project :slight_smile:

Purchase Here: Menu
Purchase Open Source Version Here: Open Source Menu

Code is accessible Only on open source version
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 7,500
Requirements None
Support Yes

Damn! This is DOPE MAN! Purchasing it soon. Any discounts?

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Not as of now, I had a 25% off sale going for about 2 weeks on my store up to the release of this menu so it might be a little bit before another one is done. But I frequently drop coupons and gift cards in my community :smile:

Awesome script! Does it have discord logs for admin monitoring? :blush:

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can you make it for esx?

It’s standalone it will work with anything but if you want it to be specifically for esx you can get the open source version and adjust the permissions to your esx groups and jobs.

Yes it has logs


  • Added a config option to enable / disable the hospital bed respawn system.
  • Made it so you can’t see yourself in the online players menu.
  • Fixed an issue due to a native not being compatible with build 1604.
  • Added exports to revive players.
  • Fixed an issue in the language file that prevented the callsign from showing when you enter it.
  • Added an export to play sound files from other resources.
  • Moved the duty weapons config to the weapons.lua.
  • Removed some unused code.
  • Added an optional command and keybind to noclip.
  • Made improvements to the noclip system.
  • Updated the menu wrapper with a lot of new features to be used within the menu.
  • Fixed a bug that caused your player to spawn in with a death timer when using the death system.
  • Added new options to enable / disable refreshing your character and loadout on spawn.
  • Added some new permission options.
  • Added optional Nos/Nitro system with a purge option.
  • Added a banned players menu where you can view everyone who is banned and unban them if need be.
  • Added a new export to copy text to clipboard.
  • Added new options to the staff menu such as revive and copy coords.
  • Added optional discord logs.
    A new showcase video can be found in the original post above! :slight_smile:


  • Fixed an issue that prevented you from spawning vehicles by name.
  • Added an optional staff option to spawn any vehicle by name.
  • Added an optional vehicle option to enable / disable brighter emergency lights.
  • Commented back in the lines that were uncommented in the last update.


  • Fixed an issue that “broke” the menu when pressing escape on an input screen.
  • Made it so you can create your own permissions instead of using the default ones.
  • Made it so you can use multiple permissions on each option instead of just one.
  • Added an export to ban players.
  • Secured everything to prevent abuse from cheaters.
  • Removed a duplicated event that caused escorting to not work.
  • Fixed an issue with “help” alerts not displaying.
  • Added a revive option to the death system with it’s own permission.
  • Fixed an issue with the spectate option not working correctly.
  • Improved the vehicle permission system and added a notification if you can’t spawn it.
  • Fixed an issue where the radio wheel would still open while no-clipping in a car.
  • Made it so the refresh on spawn options save when you re-log.
  • Made it so if the refresh character on spawn option is enabled you will spawn in with your last character when you re-log.
  • Made it so if the refresh loadout on spawn option is enabled you will spawn in with your last loadout when you re-log.
  • Added a toggle all vehicle doors option.
  • Added an unlimited ammo option.
  • Added a custom ban length option.
  • Fixed a bug where the menu would crash when using the drift tires and vehicle stance on a game build older than the tuner dlc.

It looks really good :+1:

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Forgot to post this on the forums, but the menu was updated the other day.

• Fixed an issue that prevented saved vehicles from spawning due to a change in the previous update.
• Fixed an issue where the menu wouldn’t show on 2k and 4k resolutions when right aligned.


  • Added an optional preset outfits menu that you can add your own categories and outfits to within the outfits config.
  • Fixed an issue where the mom / dad images would duplicate if you exit and re-open the heritage sub menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the heritage menu would show an incorrect image for the mom / dad when you first open it.
  • Moved all of the commands to the language config.
  • Optimized all of the ped functions in the functions file.
  • Made it so you can disable commands you don’t want to use.
  • Added 2 optional commands to alert police and ems, default /911 and /311 but they can be changed.
  • Added a config option to limit how many objects police can spawn if they have permission to spawn them.
  • Added a distress button to the death system.
  • If your add-on vehicle doesn’t have a label the menu will use the model name instead.
  • Made it so vehicles that have the same display name will be renamed with a number at the end of them to avoid confusion.
  • Spawn codes / model names will now be displayed at the bottom of the menu when hovering over a vehicle in the vehicle menu.
  • Optimized the extras menu.
  • Added the ability to label your extras for different vehicles.
  • Updated extra count check to 14 as that should be the max extra count on the latest game build.
  • Removed a left behind debug command /sound.