[Paid] Advanced Police Animations

Advanced Police Pose Pack

Hello guys, have you ever wear yor PTT on your chest and the animation didn´t match with it? , maybe make a traffic stop and wish for make the suspect put his arms out, or place him on safety position for frisk, with Advanced Police Pose now you can do that and some more :man_police_officer:

The pack have 7 diffentent poses + 8 variations, total of 15 animations

Animatión List

Police animations

  • copidle
  • copidle2
  • talkradio
  • talkradio2 (same as “talkradio” with different idle)
  • talkradio3
  • talkradio4 (same as “talkradio3” with different idle)
  • axoncam
  • mreaching
  • frisk

Supects animations

  • handsonhood
  • handsonhood2 (same as “handsoncar” for tall cars)
  • handsonhood3 (same as “handsoncar” for lateral side)
  • handsout
  • handsout2
  • handsoutpas (same as “handsout” for passengers of right side)


This pack its my firts animations releases, im learning about this stuff, whatever i learn and can be added to improve the pack will be added, so please join to JustGameEnjoy
to keep in touch with our realeses and updates :call_me_hand:

This pack have a demo version you can dowloand it in JustGameEnjoy

The demo incluides

  • handsonhood3
  • axoncam
  • mreaching

The demo animations are incluide in paid asset, you don´t have to download both.

How to install

  • Install Rpemotes or your preference emote menu
  • Create a new folder in rpemotes\stream[Custom Emotes]
  • Drag and drop the animations (.ycd) to this folder
  • Dowloand/Open Visual Studio Code or your preference editor
  • Add your animations to AnimationListCustom.lua and save it
    (some anims need the “Emotemoving” on true and others on false)
  • Also you have a step tutorials on readme.txt


Purchase link

Tebex If you buy the asset please join our discord! to view the updates

More works from JGE team

Last realese:

police evoc publi


Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 20
Requirements N/A
Support Yes

Video Preview?

Hello mate, for the moment i didn´t think about to make a video, maybe for future updates

Amazing animations so cool keep going

Sorprendentes las animaciones, geniales, sigue asi

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I really like the animations you made.

I would like to suggest something tho, it’s an animation I’ve been looking for a while.

Patdown and Search animations (executed by the cop), in this case they could even be used in conjunction with the hands on the car/hood for example.

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Hey bro, I’m glad you liked them!! and thank you very much for your suggestion, I am working on it right now, in this case I am trying to make it have a fluid movement. Let’s see how it turns out, this is how it goes for now


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Advanced Police Animation v1.2


Added 2 new animations

  • Frisk (For police officers)
  • Handsoutpas (same as handsout for passengers on right side)


The frisk animation is not shared, it is an individual animation

compatible with handsonhood2 and handsonhood3

v1.1 Customers update steps

If you already buy the firts version of animations, you just need re download the asset on cfx assets


Remember we have our support assist if you need it, click here

Purchase link

Click here

Update preview

Nice animations

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Thanks u buddy!!

The new ones are fantastic so cool

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Thank u all, and Happy Xmax :gift: :christmas_tree:


Please don’t say the code is accessible if it isn’t

The author has fixed the description :+1:

hey bro we need preview so we can see and purchase