[MAP] Bark Park

Welcome to Bark Park

Introducing the first fully functional dog park!

We know that the use of dog PEDs is quite poor because of the limitations given by GTA. The props created for this park are fully functional regardless of the size of the dog (all vanilla dog models have been tested).

The function of this park is to encourage dog role playing by the users.

The park contains:

  • Large welcome sign.
  • Sign with park rules.
  • Canine play area.
  • Asphalted parking area with anti-impact reinforcements.
  • Stairs with direct access from the parking area.
  • Personalized benches.
  • Litter garbage can with bag dispenser for feces collection.
  • Drinking water fountains at two heights, for the dog and companions.
  • A dog washing station.
  • Various play elements, such as straight and curved tubes, balance bridge, ladder, various high and precision jumps with different designs.
  • A leash holder for leashes.
  • Covered resting area for the dogs’ companions.
  • Varied vegetation in the area.
  • A flagstone pathway accompanied by environmentally friendly lighting.

Weazel News presentation

(The picture can be use by everybody)


Presentamos el primer parque de perros totalmente funcional!

Conocemos que el uso de las PEDs de perros es bastante pobre por las limitaciones que le dio GTA. Los props creados para este parque son completamente funcionales independientemente del tamaño del perro (se han testeado todos los modelos de perros vanilla).

La función de este parque es fomentar el rol canino por parte de los usuarios.

El parque cuenta con:

  • Gran cartel de bienvenida.
  • Señal con normas del parque.
  • Zona de juego canino.
  • Zona parking asfaltada con refuerzos anti golpes.
  • Escaleras de acceso directo desde el parking.
  • Bancos personalizados.
  • Papelera con dispensador de bolsas para la recogida de heces.
  • Fuentes de agua potable a dos alturas, para el perro y acompañantes.
  • Una estación de lavado canino.
  • Variados elementos de juego, tales como, tubos rectos y curvos, puente de equilibrio, escalera, varios saltos de altura y precisión con diferentes diseños.
  • Soporte para dejar las correas.
  • Zona de descanso techada para los acompañantes de los perros.
  • Vegetación variada por el área.
  • Un camino de losas acompañado de iluminación respetuosa con el entorno.

Presentacion de Weazel News

(Puedes usar la imagen como te de la gana)




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It looks very cool ! :fire:


as always, amazing work from JGE, still like this guys


That’s Amazing! maybe on a future we will use it! So nice


Amazing work as always! Super excited to use this


great work bro :wink:


thats its super atmospheric and look so good in this place, well done my friend!!


Thanks Pata :blush:


Thanks a lot bro :call_me_hand:

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Thank u my frieeend <3

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Amazing work!!!


Thank u so much Fer!!!

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The map is beautiful Gaffe! impeccable bro!


how have i not seen this? how is there not more MLOS like this? Amazing! i have it saved and will buy it soon itll go amazing with my Pet script :slight_smile:

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I really appreciate that your comment is so positive and that you liked the map. You have never seen anything like this because my work is usually things that have never been done before :wink:

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