Outputting Players Position to Database/File etc

Hello all,

I’ve got zero LUA knowledge so it’s quite overwhelming trying to look at where to start. I have some web based coding (PHP, HTML, CSS, SQL) so can understand some logic of coding, however.

What I’m looking to do is output the players position and update it into a MySQL database. I guess an alternative storage method would be okay but SQL is available so imagine could be better?

I simply need the player ID (and/or name) and their X/Y (and maybe Z) position and have it output every few seconds.

I would then be looking to plot this on a map but obviously that part is beyond the scope of GTA modding, so can deal with that on it’s own through web based coding.

Anyone have anything already or able to help on where to start?

I maybe interesting in paying if someone is willing to create such script, although budget is limited so happy to discuss.


This script does a wonderful job via command. Though I’ve also only just begun getting into it.
It doesn’t continue monitoring after it saves the initial points

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