[Release] Player coords saver to .Txt

Im back to FiveM sorry for not correct the errors, now I edited it and it should work again.

Greetings! :slight_smile:
Are you tired of having to manually copy the coordinates number by number?
Well this is a script that will save you minutes of copying the coordinates and saving them in a txt file with your player name.
How to use it?
Just write /pos in chat and yours coords will be saved, easy and faster. :grin:

Coords should be saved in “cfx-server-data-master” folder

This is how the coordinates are stored. (I highly recommend open txt with a text editor for a better visualization)

Coords-To-txt-by-Suppeer V2.zip (1.6 KB)


How can i change save dir?



file = io.open( PlayerName … “-YOUR_FILE_NAME.txt”, “a”)

Not text or file name.
save directory, because default is in /…/cfx-server/

when i type /pos i got this message display = insufficient permission!
does this was not work or error ? i dont see any saved file in server folder

Its should be an error i didnt have any error last time i tested it

Can you do this automatically, and a web-gta-folder link? If so, I would like best to pay if it works 100%. Sorry for this bad english.

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Do this script automatic? I not want to sell my scripts i not consider me a good scripter i just decided to share this script. I also made a script similar that saves every 5s player’s positions and when he leaves and back to server he spawn in the last position.

If you want i can share that script

Okay, but you could connect it to a Web gta map? or is it a step too far …

Web gta map? May you explain me what is that?

For example http://gta-5-map.com/ but a custom version of it

Nope i don’t know how to do it, upload the coords to a web map sounds hard

You will need a web page and know how to script in others languages i think

Okay, i fix a web page for you. I’ll be in touch!

I don’t know how to do it!!!

I have the web page, can you add me on skype; live:romeobaas_2


I would love it if you shared that script :slight_smile:

Hi ! It is possible to have the script that allows to return to this last pos? Please

I’m working on that
Maybe someday this will work :smiley:

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