onyxTreasures - Dive for hidden treasures ( edit of onyxDumpsters )

This is a simple edit of onyxDumpsters. With this you go diving and basically find treasure boxes, there is 20+ locations around the map, 1 in construction yard and a few on some outer islands.

Yes i know there is probably other diving resources, but i like the one this one works, and i use it, so thought ide release it.

If you dont want to use t-notify for client notifications you can edit client.lua and replace the t-notify part back to mythic.

if you have this chest placed anywhere else on the map it will also become searchable.

Item to search : View object: xm_prop_x17_chest_closed :: GTA 5 Object Data Base

Original Script : [ESX] Onyx Dumpster Diving - #14 by pandorarpcity

download and install instructions


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optional use this if you dont have your own scuba script.


how do i add weapons
(sry kinda new to this and all that)

Can you update it with TextUi ? It take less ms.