[OneSync] Ghost cars, Syncing issues (SEMI FIXED SEE COMMENTS)

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Using canary?

Windows version:
18362 - 10 Pro

System specifications:
Ryzen 3700X
AMD RX 5700 XT
16GB 3000mhz ram


Operating system:
Windows Server 2019

Artifact version:

IP address:

vSync (Syncs time and weather between all players)

System specifications:
Intel XEON E5-2660 (V2core)
2GB ram

Streamed cars


With 3 or more people, pedestrian vehicles start going alittle crazy, When driving along they spawn on there side, Damaged beyond repair, Cars randomly blowing up, Other players are seeing vehicles others dont, Helicopters sat on the ground and not synced at all (unable to enter it or kill the ped inside and other players saw it in diffrent locations around the area it was in)

Basicly the easiest way to explian this is the sync seems badly off.

This test was done with OneSync enabled and 32 slots open.

Expected behavior:
Cars to ofcourse sync correctly across all players while using OneSync.

Actual behavior:
Pedestrians and Pedestrian cars badly syncing across players.

Steps to reproduce:
Start server with OneSync enabled and aquire 3 or more players.

Error screenshot (if any):
No errors.

Any additional info:
If players are away from each other ( a good distance) The sync behaves. Its as soon as players group up the issues start.


So after testing over and over, We found a somewhat fix to resolve this issue, This is by no means the best practise but atleast makes everything playable.

Make a client.lua

	while true do
        SetScenarioPedDensityMultiplierThisFrame(0.1, 0.1)
        SetVehicleModelIsSuppressed(GetHashKey("rubble"), true)
        SetVehicleModelIsSuppressed(GetHashKey("taco"), true)
        SetVehicleModelIsSuppressed(GetHashKey("biff"), true)

What this does is loweres the PED and PED VEH spawn rate limiting the amount of PED VEH issues you occur.
Issues do still occurr but on a much more sane level.

Also we had to disable 3 vehicles from spawning naturally rubble taco biff as they were spawning on top of each other and doing very odd things.

Next we added this to our server.cfg set onesync_workaround763185 true

This actually works really well, It stops most cars from duplicating and stops cars from having a ram war.

Another thing is when we enabled onesync_distanceCullVehicles players became invisible to each other.

So right now we have it somewhat stable to use, We do sometimes have cars being odd, But thats just onesync and its state at the moment.


then it’s not even close to a ‘fix’.

Impossible. That only affects vehicles (and players in vehicles, at worst).


Provide an actual repro, like ‘go here with players located here at time of day X and then you’ll notice Y’. Not stupid theories like ‘hurr the sync seems badly off’ (which it isn’t, the only thing that may be ‘off’ is vehicle spawn coordination, if all people see the same thing at the same points the sync is fine)

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onesync_distanceCullVehicles This for us causes weird issues, If i enable it, Restart the server and me and someone else joins, I can see him and myself, But he cant see me. And sometimes this reverses.

And yes (and players in vehicles, at worst). This actually happened constantly where all vehicles where synced between players, But if one of us got into a car and started to drive the other player doesnt see the car moving we are just locked in the position where we stole that vehicle, And ofcourse when we leave the vehicle for the other player i pop up where ever i got out of said car.

The issue is this happens everywhere, Repro this is a cause of being around another player so to give an exact isnt too easy.

Where trying our best to figure out solutions etc and find ways around the vehicle and ped issues, So far to this point is what we have acheived, Lowering the veh count helps dramaticly which ofcourse will happen.

Any pointers would be great on what else we could try.

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I can confirm that there is messy spawning of vehicles when you have another player in the same vehicle as you.

If you’re by yourself vehicles spawn appropriately but if another player is near the vehicles will spawn erratically. (Sideways, fly across the screen, on top of another car, etc.)

This is a one sync related issue for sure as it doesn’t occur with one sync off.

I’ve been dealing with it by turning down traffic density and a few other things to just reduce the occurances.

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Provide a way to reproduce this thing and it will be fixed

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Ok a repro would be start a one sync server and have someone get in the car with you… drive down the road, watch cars spawn incorrectly. It really is that simple.


As above, enable one sync, get you and a friend in a car, and drive… I. The distance where I can only assume where onesync does its thing you will see cars come and go, glitch, bounce and sometimes explode in the distance, they also duplicate which I beleive is a big factor in the issue i assume onesync tries to sync the vehicle to both players causing them to duplicate but the onesync workaround seemed to fix that issue.

I don’t mind doing more tests and try to get an exact repro but as you can imagine it isn’t too easy as it’s constant when two or more players are trying to sync to each others client and or the server.

If you want a full report with logging etc then I can do that, that’s not an issue. I came here to report the issue that as far as I’m aware Alot of people have but fail to post this as they assume people know about this issue.

For all we know it could be due to a bad bit of code or anything… Please we are not coding gods so if you could help and give us pointers on how to properly get you the information you need and we will do it!

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This is not a repro since it does not happen always
A repro needs to clearly lead to the issue not “guess it”

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You should be able to reproduce the bug with specific steps
In this case it could require, a specific time of the day, weather, camera angle etc… who knows :man_shrugging:

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I’m not guessing anything??? I stated the repro, onesynce server, have someone in the car with you while you drive, drive down the road, witness the sync issues. It’s literally that simple. I’m not sure what else you need to understand to reproduce the issue?

Easiest place to witness the issues are on the highways the most. If that helps you but it happens EVERYWHERE. I haven’t made it a big issue before but if you want EXACTLY specifics on anything, I don’t think it’s really necessary when it’s extremely easy to reproduce the problem. It’s not a resource related issue, weather issue, or anything it is directly related to onesync and how it syncs the cars between players.

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I understand what picho is saying, he saying they want an exact on how to repro, so been on a highway from the back of pillbox onwards is a great place to see this happen, have one or more passengers in your vehicle, ofcourse have one sync enabled

So I followed your “”“repro”"" steps

I don’t spot any issue.

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I will get a video as soon as i can so you can see the issues :slight_smile: Might not be doing it for you seen as your running them both from the same PC etcetc

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@BritishBrotherhood I can back up up on this one. We have used this OneSync ‘density hack’ as I named it back then, ever since we started using OneSync.

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did you ever find a fix for you seen your friend and him not seen you thing?

as i have the same problem on onesync but without onesync this problem does not occur.

you can see in the screenshot below to that he can see my clipboard and i can see his its like one of us is always sessioned

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We did have this issue and I honestly can not remember what we did to fix it, I’ll try figure it out tomorrow and report back

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thank you

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What params are you running?

set onesync_distanceCullVehicles true


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Can confirm this is an issue existing on my server as well. You can watch an hour or so of popular streamers and see it’s certainly an issue. Cars with the drivers gone and still driving, cars spawning in on top of each other 30 at a time. The more people in an area and the more the issues get wild. You may not see the issue just after server restart. It takes some time for it to build up. But about 4 hours into a servers up time with plenty of people playing you would be lying if you said you didn’t see any issues with traffic and peds.

Ill capture some video tonight if you would like. It will show exactly the symptoms described here by previous posters.