Object hunt / prop hunt [ esx + qb ]


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This is a script that transforms into an object and allows you to play hide-and-seek like Prop Hunt.
Each round of the game is assigned to either an object or a hunter.

Its like Prop Hunt.

What can do this script?

:construction: High Jump

  • Can jump high.

:construction: Switch Prop

  • It can be transformed into another prop.
    You may escape by transforming when the hunter has discovered the object you are transforming into.

:construction: Create Decoi

  • Decoi can be used as a shield to run and hide

:construction: Turn Object

  • Can be transformed into another object.

:construction: Lock Object Position

  • It can be fixed in the air to increase the variation of concealment.

:construction: Damage System (Health bar)

  • There is a system of damage accumulation.
    The object side will die if it is damaged by a hunter with a weapon and its Health is 0.

:construction: Create Game Room

  • To actually play Object Hunt, you need to host the game.
    You can play by joining a hosted game room.

:otter: Spectator System

  • Can watch your surviving allies when died.

:dark_sunglasses: Whistle System

  • Periodically the object side will whistle because it is difficult to find if the object side is seriously hidden.
    The hunter and the object side cannot remain in a particular position because both sides can hear the sound.

:world_map: Object Hunt Map

  • Two maps for object hunt are included.
    You can create one map location that can be freely configured

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> Documentation <

If you want to know more, look this video! ↓

Code is accessible config file is accessible
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 2500
Requirements Requirements
Support Yes

hahah this looks fun xD


I am glad to hear you say so.
This is my first paid script. : )

Amazing idea :clap:

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Looks life a fun activity, but $74.99 with VAT is pretty steep.

Hi there.
Thank you for pointing this out.
I forgot to set it up in tebex.
I originally thought I was showing the price including vat, but I guess I didn’t set it up correctly.
I have reconfigured the settings, so please check it!

I love COD prop hunt game. Nice to see finally someone made it in fivem. My question? What will prevent hunters to literally shoot everything? Is the ammo limited? Or will hunter health bar decreased if they shoot non player object?

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It depends what country the customer is from. The price you set in the creator panel is the base price, then based on the customer’s region there is an additional fee on top of that, which is only displayed on the actual site. Some people don’t have VAT, others have upwards of 25%.

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Thank you!

You can limit the amount of ammunition given to hunters per round.
Each time the round changes, the number of ammunition is reset and a set number of ammunition is given to config each time.
Various other things can be set in the config file to facilitate balance adjustments.
See this link for details.
If you have any further questions, we will be happy to answer them.

Currently, it is impossible for a hunter to take damage at any given moment, so please assume that the hunter’s health bar will not decrease.
Even if hunters friendly fire with each other, their health bar will not decrease.

Weapon = {
                    pumpshotgun = { ammo = 200, component_flash = true }

Sounds like fun script!
I have not seen a script like this in a long time.

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Sounds like an interesting script!
How many weapons can a hunter use?

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Currently only pumpshotgun is available.
We have just released it and have a small repertoire of weapons, so we hope to add more with updates.

Do you have a picture of the map that is included? Or is it in the video?

I have added photos of the included map and the CUSTOM map that we have pre-set here! Please check it : )

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price reduced !!

Does the prop that can transform have to come from an existing prop in GTA5?

It does not have to be an existing prop.
It does not matter if it is a prop(object) created by someone else.

In config.lua, you can freely specify the prop to spawn from and the prop to transform to!

FirstProps = {
                        { prop = 'prop_box_wood01a', },
                        { prop = 'prop_watercrate_01', },
                        { prop = 'prop_barier_conc_02a', },
                        { prop = 'prop_barier_conc_01a', },
                        { prop = 'prop_pallettruck_01', },
                        { prop = 'prop_rock_1_d', },
                        { prop = 'prop_palm_fan_02_b', },
                        { prop = 'prop_dumpster_02a', },
AvailableSwitchProps = {
                        { prop = 'prop_box_wood01a', },
                        { prop = 'prop_watercrate_01', },
                        { prop = 'prop_barier_conc_02a', },
                        { prop = 'prop_barier_conc_01a', },
                        { prop = 'prop_pallettruck_01', },
                        { prop = 'prop_rock_1_d', },
                        { prop = 'prop_palm_fan_02_b', },
                        { prop = 'prop_dumpster_02a', },
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Awsome! Nice Work!

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We built a trial server for Object Hunt!
You can actually play if you are interested!
You can find the join link in my profile!

@NazuRhythm I tried it with my friend today on your test server, here are things we would change:

  • We havent noticed any feedback when you shot an object what is player, even if you fire good prop you dont know if it is player or not unless you keep shooting and player dies.
  • Out of Area thing is very annoying, in minimap it should show the area, so hunters not what are their borders, manytimes hunter lost because couldnt make back to area in 5 seconds. Also would be useful for them to know how far they should search for object.
  • Whistle sometimes works sometimes not, if player is far from object whistle did not worked at all.

But in overall it was great fun. If you make this changes I will definitely buy this.