[NUI] DeathScreen

  • TImer
  • Timer bar
  • trigger"Spawn" / “Report”

you can send a trigger to the client to activate the spawn button before the end of the timer. For example from the admin menu.

camera turn at death took from here



tebex: https://sergey-lucky.tebex.io/package/4458349

after the time will player be revived? if he clicks on spawn? idint get the script, it seems a cool idea tho.

you could add 3 buttons instead like: respawn revive report you could also make it say who killed you to report the name and id of the player
also add countdow for respawn separatly from revive. i would buy with this implementations.

I think I’ll update somehow

Do you want to add a spawn button at the death site and a field for information, or additionally write a script with an indicator?

if spawn you mean by revive, yeah player should be revived where he died
for respawn add coords of the hospitals and in config so we can change them if you need too and players should respawn in there
the report you could also log that to discord
to revive themselves add a countdown of 5minutes
to respawn one minute, and you can make it so they lose all their items and weapons. to bring some fear RP. just a suggestion***

is it for esx?

cause we get alot of problems with it

this is just a layout, it works for esx and all, you need to send triggers to your methods.