Notorious Roleplay - QB - SeriousRP - BRAND NEW - UNIQUE CONTENT - FRIENDLY AND MATURE STAFF - Realistic Economy [US/UK/EU/AU]

Great community!

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could i be added to discord so i could access my account, dicord ALBOG3#0677

my discord is EddieRocKz #0504

ayo brodie, im having trouble joining your discord for the server. It says im banned or the link is invalid or expired. can you help me with this issue?

Can I please get help with joining the discord so I can access the server?? I was fine at first, all of a sudden I’m not in the discord & can’t join the server until I join the discord which I can’t. @BrodieLawson

the staff are worse than f*cking dell staff

@BrodieLawson I’m unable to join the discord, I’ve never played Notorious before though can you add me into the discord? My discord is aust#0124 I would appreciate it I’ve heard great things about it, I have a couple buddies that are in it I’d like to join them lol.

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Just join at

You are not banned so nothing should be stopping you, I couldn’t see why you wouldn’t be able to join?! :slight_smile:

I still can’t join the discord it says “Whoops!” whenever I try to join. I must be banned for some odd reason?

I am having the same issue it says unable to accept invite I have also got the “Whoops!” one I don’t think I’ve ever even been in this city but it is not allowing me to join the discord. Please help!

Changelog V1.4


  • Fixed numerous notifications having no background
  • Fixed being able to sell to most static peds
  • Fixed being able to get decimal amounts when receiving money
  • Fixed crudeoil explosion false ban
  • Fixed not getting the correct amount of money when cleaning dirty money
  • Fixed vehicles stored in the Sandy Air Garage going in the Northern Customs Garage
  • Fixed armor disappearing on relog
  • Fixed police vehicle seizure logs
  • Fixed multijob overflowing when you have a lot of jobs
  • Changed P226 model to prevent visual issues
  • Changed style of Clothing Stores & Barber Shops
  • Restyled and improved the Clothing Store/Barber Shop system


  • Added the Casino
  • Added the ability to save your walking style (/walkstyle)
  • Added the ability for police K9s to sniff people/vehicles for contraband
  • Added a garage to the recycling center
  • Added a new Dispatch system for emergency services
  • Added a new MDT system for emergency services
  • Added UI to show when a Bodycam is active for the user
  • Added VIN Scratching
  • Completely overhauled Car Boosting
  • Completely redesigned and improved character selection/creation
  • Integrated Tattoo Shops into the Clothing Store/Barber Shop system
  • Doing tasks in prison now reduces your sentence
  • Made it so doing /hat & /glasses puts the respective one back on (you need to do the command prior to it getting hit off)
  • And more… Find out IC

New Update in #change-logs!

How do i join i have discord open before i start fivem and it still doesnt work

It’s whitelisted

Join discord is all you need to join!

Notorious has been out for ages why are you promoting as new I played on that server like 8 months ago lmao

can i have a convosation
about somthing

Great server, has good RP and a great staff team (-Hammer he likes to take OOC issues IC), a fuck ton of things to do for Criminals and Civilians and overall just a fun af server to play. 100% recommend this city (removing hammer from the equation you get the best city I’ve ever played.) + brodie is pretty cute :eyes: (p.s Brodie please look at our dms on discord :heart:)

Hello I have done everything and still can not join the city Please help