Notorious Roleplay - QB - SeriousRP - BRAND NEW - UNIQUE CONTENT - FRIENDLY AND MATURE STAFF - Realistic Economy [US/UK/EU/AU]

Discord: Notorious Roleplay

Notorious RP is a premier professionally developed FiveM server for those looking for a friendly community and serious role play. Notorious RP has been a place for people to gather and engage in serious and mature role-play situations, make new friends, and build their own empire. Join us in discord to see what we are all about. Welcome to Notorious RP!

Whitelisted Jobs

We have tons of whitelisted jobs with professionally run departments including Police, Mechanics, EMS, Judges, Lawyers and others. Each of these departments is professionally structured for those wanting serious LEO/Medical Roleplay. Start your training, work hard, and rise through the ranks.

Illegal Activities

Selling drugs, Street racing, Gang activities, Notorious RP features tons of ways to delve into the criminal underworld. Join an established street gang or start your own. Work your way up and earn access to the black market where you will have access to illegal shipments and black-market goods. Or if you prefer to work alone, you can craft weapons, rob houses, rob banks or shops, grow weed, whatever suits your fancy. Welcome to the dark underbelly of Notorious RP will you rise to the top?

The Working Man

There are also plenty of ways to make money if you prefer to keep a clean record. For the working class, we have tons of logistic jobs including an advanced trucking company. Build up your company, buy better trucks and earn licenses for larger, more valuable or hazardous waste loads. Hire employees to work and earn passive income.

Full Time Staff and Development Team

Notorious RP is a professionally run FiveM server with a fulltime staff and development team. Our friendly support staff will help you along the way with questions or concerns. New players are welcome in Notorious RP. We also have designers on staff and offer custom cars, clothing skins, hairstyles unique to Notorious RP. Our development team is very active pushing multiple updates and patches per week integrating fun and custom jobs and scripts for the city. Notorious RP listens to the community and evolves around what the players want, we host frequent community meetings where everyone is allowed to have a voice. We believe this leads to a happy, healthy community.

Other Features

Car Tuning
Custom Cars
24/7 population
Private planes
Fishing Sim
Trucking Sim
Custom Clothing
Female Clothing Pack/Hairstyles
Hidden Drug Missions (shhh)
Oxy Job
and so much more to explore!


Recruiting Staff/DOJ currently


+1 great server


+1 really good server the dev is nuts


where can I apply?

Are you guys in need of EUP developers?

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great server, been playing since release and staff has been really good at dealing with situations, and the roleplay has been great


Always welcome to apply! :slight_smile:

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+1 Best server i ever been on

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New Content Update check the discord for Changelogs in #change-logs!

+1 great community

+1 server, great girl cops


Is very good


Not a perfect server, but one with a lot of potential. +1

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Large content patch in change logs!

need a new discord link

fixed thanks for pointing that out!

Discord link is invalid.

Definitely still works? double check now!

Another major update in #Change-logs bringing lots more community requested features as-well as more major crimes coming in the next week!