[NEW UPDATE] Dusa Advanced Hud | 10 Speedometer, 10 Status Hud, 8 Server Info Variations, Playlist, Vehicle Control

Wow, absolutely looks amazing

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amazing! :+1:

Thank you friend, I’ll get it soon then :smiley:

First HUD I’ve seen in a while that actually looks cool, well done.

Thank you so much for kind comment


everything made transparent as our customers wanted.
in next update we add 3 more design about it.

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Looks amazing, well done!!! :star_struck:

thank you <3

There are still a couple of issues on the HUD, like the minimap disappearing randomly, as well as the speedometer bruh

can you open a ticket on discord pleasee


  • Added 8 new server & player info hud variations
  • Made many visual improvements
  • Fixed all reported issues

Update video: