New to the RP scene. Any server Recommendations?

Hi everyone,

I’m new to GTA RP, and I was wondering what servers out there are good to get started on?

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Join the NEXUS ROLEPLAY Discord Server!

Check out the NEXUS ROLEPLAY community on Discord - hang out with 45 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.

Server IP: (F8) Connect



Nexus Roleplay (NRP) is a new upcoming unique city.

It has been in development for over 5 months and is now ready for you to come and have fun.

Hi there.

Reaching out from Valor Roleplay. We are constantly seeking new members to join our community. With loads of custom content and even familiar content, we have crafted the best vMenu roleplay server out there.

Check us out:

Best regards,

Williamson - VRP Founder

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Hey there just wanted to pop by and throw out another suggestion for a Role Play server to try. Rebel RP is still on the new side and we are constantly working to make things better and more enjoyable for everyone. We have a very dedicated Moderating team that will assist you in your needs and desires. We are a community of people that are fairly new to the RP thing, so you will fit in well. We are dedicating a lot of time to help people grow their level of RP and flourish in our city instead of throwing the ban hammer at someone for not following every rule. We have a unique drug and gun system that is based around your reputation and doing jobs. And many jobs for the average civilian that is not interested in doing crime. Also a unique crafting system also based around reputation so the more you craft the more things you are able to craft. At the end of a long day you can come lose all your money in our beautiful casino. There is something for everyone here

Discord: Rebel RP
All of our rules can be found within out Discord, but not too worry we made sure not to overwhelm with loads of Rules. This is also the best way to reach out to people and we have a ticket system to allow you a private chat with the Moderating team to help solve issues or question.

Server IP:
Simply fire up FiveM and hit F8 then type in the console connect and the IP above and hit enter

We hope to see you and any other person curious about our server soon

Hey you should come check out WonderRP. We are np inspired! We have tons to do clothing, everything that cops would need etc. Theres so much to do on WonderRP. Here is a quick clip of our motels.

The DownSouth Role-play Community is a serious roleplay community, our community is built off of the love of gaming and the passion of gaming with others. Our main focus is to create a fun and professional roleplay environment for any and every member who joins the DSRP Community. Our community is a fun way to escape reality, diving into intense and immersive roleplay scenarios with other players. It is also a great way to relax after a hard day of work or classroom session. We encourage creators, and that’s why we put no limit to recording/streaming within our community. We also appreciate creativity in members, we have superior training programs that will help members better themselves and other people within the community. Our patrol servers are made with love, and are unique in many ways with features that make the roleplay fun and realistic!

Come check out Evolve Rp.

All updates above and a lot more pushed

The server is now Evolve RP V2, clean slate and a fresh start to the City.

New Pacific Bank Robbery added to the City.


Tweaks for various vehicles including the P1 not being bullet proof.

New Super Car in the City - Nissan GTR R36.

New State Trooper Liveries.


Increased the return when washing money, This will change in the future also with more options for quicker washing.

Thank you all for being part of Evolve, from all of Evolve Staff:

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Crest is a new server: Crest Main Discord

We’re just getting started so we have tons of leadership opportunities :slight_smile:

Check us out!

Destination Roleplay,

We are pleased to bring the FiveM community a new server! One where it is your future, your destination! We bring you…Destination Roleplay! Live the life that you want to live. Maybe you want to enforce the laws of San Andreas and protect your fellow citizens. Join BCSO! Perhaps you like saving lives and caring for your fellow citizens. Join SAEMS! Maybe you like working on cars and supporting your community. Join DOT! Or, perhaps you like breaking the rules and living as a renegade. No matter what path you choose, it is yours to direct. We offer many exciting features in Destination Roleplay. Here are a few:

  • Server is up 24/7 (scheduled restart at 5 am EST).
  • Custom framework.
  • Hiring BCSO, SAEMS, DOT, Car Dealers, Real Estate Agents, Pilots, and much more!
  • Be the boss of your own business.
  • MANY secondary jobs to do!
  • Rob banks, jewelry store, stores, houses, and players.
  • Craft weapons and car parts!
  • Realistic stress management system.
  • Multiple activities such as bowling, golfing, basketball, arm wrestling, yoga, fishing, hunting, diving, and much more!
  • Buy and furnish a house!
  • Obtain a driver’s license, motorcycle license, CDL, and weapons license.
  • Want to change the way you look? Purchase a plastic surgery voucher from a Doctor!
  • Custom integrated MDT
  • Custom EUP
  • LOTS of custom vehicles
  • Serious roleplay


So, what are you waiting for? Join Destination Roleplay today and create the future you want to make!
Join our discord to learn more: Destination RolePlay

Echelon RP - Serious Roleplay & Realistic Economy | ESX | Custom Framework | Optimized | 15+ Custom Interior | Custom Cars | Cartel, Mafia, Street Gangs, Motorcycle Clubs | Active Staff + Radio Sponsors | Los Santos Based | Streamer Friendly - #28 by Arcticwolf I recommend this server

OCEANSIDE RP | A NEW RP SERVER | Hiring Department Heads, Hiring Head Administration | - FiveM Server Development / Server Bazaar - Community

Nefarious RP is a new community starting up, message me on discord if you’d like an invite or would like to know more information:

Discord: SA_BatzGaming#3581

Hey, great to see you’re interested in joining a family! You should 100% check out Emergency Response San Andreas if you’re looking to build friendships while having a realistic and fun roleplay experience. Our server is set to launch within August of 2021. We are a smaller community and would love to have you. :smiley:

Contact Us
Emergency Response: San Andreas | Whitelisted | 15+ | Realism + Fun RP | LAUNCHING SOON - FiveM Server Development / Server Bazaar - Community

Home - Emergency Response San Andreas (

SASDOJ is a well set up and tightly bound community and we try our best to appeal to every type of person on fivem while keeping RP strict!!! 𝘚𝘢𝘯 𝘈𝘯𝘥𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘴 𝘚𝘵𝘢𝘵𝘦 𝘋𝘖𝘑 𝘙𝘰𝘭𝘦𝘱𝘭𝘢𝘺


NexonRP is a newer community still gathering players and such however we are currently open. The server is based on Los Angeles and attempted to do as Serious as possible, we have a bunch of amazing roleplayers who has great experiences, people who’s extremely serious and most players are 18+. The server is not whitelisted, but we plan on doing so when we get bigger! We are happy to teach you the ropes of Roleplay and help you out becoming a great roleplayer!

What we can offer!

  • Extremely friendly people who’s amazing at roleplaying
  • Open positions within EMS, LEO, Judges and Lawyers, plus some other public jobs!
  • Multiple drug systems, coke procession, growing weed, processing crack and meth!
  • Real Life Vehicles
  • Active professional staff members
  • Customized houses and furniture

And much more, the community is Qbus Custom Framework

Hey mate it wouldn’t let me add you - said user is not accepting friend requests. Can you please send me an invite to your server? milz#6031
Fresh out of Bluebird and keen to give it a go!

Check out City of Detroit RP City Of Detroit RP Server