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REVIVAL Roleplay
Who are we?
We are Revival, a community formed in November 2023 on a task of providing completely custom, feature rich content to players of any kind, with a goal to remain respectful, friendly and transparent to our community - making a place for some people to call home.

With serious roleplay in mind, and flexibility as a goal, we enable players to roleplay however they desire. From a hobo begging for spare change to one day being a club owner, this is one prime example we’d love to see our community aim for when starting here at Revival.

➤ No P2P / P2W. If a player / group comes to us requesting to start a new gang, business, motorcycle club, underground fight club or etc, we provide that free of charge.
➤ Tons of time-passive activities to do solo / with friends! From sky diving to fishing, street racing to even playing arcades while necking a couple beers, our players always have something to do in the downtime.
➤ Realistic Economy. From food to vehicles, all prices have been set to realistic prices. No more overpriced 10 day old sandwiches!
➤ Diversive criminal activities. Ranging from progressive drug growing and manufacturing, weapon crafting, bank robberies, in-depth heists, money truck raids, or even robbing your simple 24/7 convience store, we have you covered. Activities are also updated per patch week, meaning robbing something may be easy, or extremely difficult and requires a lengthy planning.
➤ Business properties for sale! Ever fancied taking on a business of your own? Well, now’s your chance to do so! Speak to your realtor to get a quite for a building and get building that business today!
➤ And much, much more to discover!

What’s under the hood?
➤ QB-Core, shaken not stirred: Using the latest version of qb-core, and severely modified to our needs enabling us to add additional features with ease going into the future!
➤ Server-sided Graphics: Created entirely from scratch! Hated installing those NVEs and spending hours configuring it to look like Miami? We got you covered from the moment you fly in!
➤ 24/7 Up-time: 3 x restarts per day (9AM GMT, 3PM GMT, 12AM GMT)
➤ Redudent Server Failover: We have 3 hosting locations available: UK, Gemany and Canada. If one of our hosts goes down, it will migrate to an available host within a few minutes which allows our players to continue roleplaying quickly!

Character development in depth
As with most character stories, it usually goes along the lines of flying in, rp story, end. As ours is similar, we introduced quite a few additional developments that players can choose to do in order to develop their character further along with their story:
➤ Fully custom coded knowledge system - Players will be able to find educational books around the city which they can obtain knowledge from. The knowledge they learn will enhance activities making it easy, and enable additional activities that you wouldn’t have with low knowledge system.

➤ Fully custom coded gym system - Ever had a moment where you’re in your local gym listening to a drum and bass sound track with your friends? If not - you should! Our Stat system enables players to exercise their characters by developing strength and stamina, which adjusts running duration, melee strength, carry weight, and much more!

Got an idea for the community? Let us know!
The Revival Team is always listening for great ideas from our community members, and love to introduce new and exciting features to the server where possible. If you got an idea which either enhances RP, is a great activity to do while passing time, or even if it’s a change to an existing feature, let us know!

Discord: https://discord.gg/revivalroleplay
Website: https://revivalroleplay.com/


Yo its dope asf but whens the release?


Launch date announced!
After discussing with the team, we have decided that April 14th, 2024 will be our 1.0 launch date! Join us on the day as we all start a new adventure together!

Changelog from Jan → March

→ Replaced radial menu with something better
→ Fixed Harvey breaking the server withhis funky steam name (don’t ask)
→ Server version updated
→ Fixed drug peds walking off… assholes!
→ Optimized 30+ client scripts (FPS increased by 10-15)
→ Added v3095 vehicles into dealership
→ Fixed players stuck in loading screen (random issue)
→ Fixed electrician job throwing errors while flying in
→ Fixed oxygen counter breaking hud
→ Fixed back items throwing errors while flying in
→ Fixed jail throwing errors while flying in
→ Updated stamina value for gym
→ Fixed gym stats not applying when player has flown in
→ Updated housing
→ Disabled old house interactions in F1
→ Starting apartments are now unfurnished (lets peeps customize it to their liking)
→ Fixed furniture items vanishing when moving a placed furniture
→ Fixed Vest 20 not showing “POLICE”
→ Added a secret MLO somewhere… go find it.
→ Added a new weapon for PD
→ Disabled trains due to constant client crashes (Will rewrite later on)
→ Fixed ability to move while doing weights in gym
→ Updated weapon recoil to be a little more realistic.
→ Fixed paychecks breaking for everyone if grade level is invalid for a player
→ Fixed inventory weight not being updated by Gym
→ Added interactable IDs for players
→ Removed old bus job (may rewrite from scratch at a later date)
→ Tweak to /job, now shows “On Duty / Off Duty” rather than true/false
→ Disabled blips for crafting bench locations
→ Removed “Job” category from city hall
→ Changed city hall to be third eye
→ Deleted driving school, as players will automatically have a driving license anyways
→ Added job NPCs at job locations to obtain a job, rather than going to city hall.
→ Fixed garbage job getting soft locked for some players (known bug within QB-Core)
→ Fixed ocean issue (waves being a tad crazy)
→ Fixed paychecks not being deposited into player’s banks.
→ Added ability to throw weapons
→ Fixed taxi blip in the middle of the sea (don’t ask)
→ Fixed prison mugshots not being generated correctly
→ Added illenium-appearance support to prison
→ Fixed an issue where data was not being saved to DB when a player is sent to jail
→ Fixed an issue where items were not being confiscated when sent to prison
→ Added new prison outfit for male and female players
→ Fixed an issue where players would snap into prison, get a mugshot and teleport back out…
→ Fixed prison siren not working during a certain activity in progress
→ Changed all NPC behaviours, now neutral to players however can aggro if a player aggros them.
→ Changed “Minutes” to “Months” in prison notifications
→ Bug fixes to MDT
→ Fixed performance issues with smallresources (EXTRA FPS FUCK YEEEEEE)
→ Fixed some graphic visuals missing or corrupted
→ Re-did road textures from scratch, as previous version conflicted with all custom MLOs
→ Updated EMS payout for treatments
→ Couple of fixes for smallresources that was missed during optimization
→ Optimized baseevents as was slowing client down unnecessarily
→ Updated street lights to LED rather than HOS
→ Fixed antilag causing explosion alerts to cops
→ Created a new growing system for certain seeds
→ Removed steel and iron from scrapyard
→ Added plant z axis adjustment based on growth time
→ Fixed targeting on platns sometimes not working
→ Forced ped to face plant when interacting
→ Added plant health, making it a necessity to look after plants rather than plant and leave
→ Added ground detection for planting, making it so that players can plant on certain suitable grass
→ Removed small backpacks, maintaining duffel bags due to too many complications with syncing between players
→ Fixed plants not syncing to all clients connected (harvesting not removing plants for others, for example)
→ Fixed electrician not performing clean up if the script was restarted
→ Fixed mining not performing clean up if the script was restarted
→ Added “Public punishments” which will display when admins action against a player
→ Removed weaponized vehicles
→ Fixed trains not being deleted on script restart
→ Fixed drug plants not loading when script restarted
→ Fixed tazer effect stuck on players screen indefinitely
→ Fixed NPC being in the ground
→ Further tweaks to the MDT
→ Removed country box from multicharacter
→ Fixed players falling into the void when they logged out in a property
→ Fixed net safe event calls
→ NPCs in clothing shops now vanish when customizing your character (No more NPC in your face…)
→ Updated backpack weight
→ Added icons to all third eye options in prison
→ Updated special event for prison
→ Updated item descriptions to findable things in prison
→ Added missing images for prison items
→ Enabled phone option for mech preview (generates email)
→ Fixed PD beng unable to repair their vehicles at the bench
→ Removed old trucker job
→ Moved PD vehicle spawners
→ Removed debug code from targeting
→ Removed “Open Door” vehicle options in ox_target
→ Changed locale “Storage” to “Trunk” for vehicle trunks
→ Updated dispatch calls to be shorter durations
→ Fight alerts now only occur if a ped is nearby to witness it
→ Fixed garbage job not giving crypto sticks
→ Optimized all custom clothing to boost client performance
→ Optimized all PD vehicles to mitigate any texture loss in the event that it occurred.
→ Optimized secret location performance (good luck finding it)
→ Added additional checks to ensure vehicle is owned before storing it into garage
→ Added vehicle persistency - player vehicles will now stay where they were parked, even after restarts. (Limit 7 days, may be tweaked in future)
→ Added illegal scrapping locations
→ Removed unnecessary notifications for clothing
→ Updated color scheme for garage
→ Deleted stress notifications (as visual effects will suffice)
→ Fixed regular/advanced lockpicks not working for vehicles
→ Fixed sitting activities not reducing stress
→ Added variable difficulty for lockpicking based on vehicle class
→ Adjusted stress reduction while sitting down
→ Added variable vehicle / ped density based on time
→ Removed some vehicles from blacklist
→ Dealership is now a smidge prettier on the eyes
→ Removed gain stress notifications
→ Updated PD shop as was missing items
→ Increased item decay for shotguns
→ Removed old PD vehicle spawner outside in car park
→ Fixed garbage job role showing “undefined”
→ Fixed recycling warehouse third eye being up in the air (…don’t ask)
→ Removed old scrapyard script, as now replaced with the hidden ones
→ Fixed towing not performing animations when unhooking vehicles from flatbed
→ Moved towing to new tow yard near PDM
→ Added distanc check for towing vehicles
→ Fleeca + Pacifica MLOs added
→ Fixed some cops not being able to see armoury
→ Created new cutscene for newly created characters, flying into the city.
→ Fixed heading not being correctly set for new spawned players
→ Updated default spawn location to the airport (matching cutscene)
→ Removed some options from qb-spawn (as replaced by cutscene)
→ Added apartment creation for new players
→ Added new code to email player after a period of time, advising their new apartment is available, and directions to get there
→ Added Diving activity
→ Revamped all UIs, removing the shitty grey colour scheme to black / dark violet vibe
→ Changed third eye icon to be a slight tint of purple, rather than pure black.
→ Added ID icon next to health (removing /id in the process)
→ Completely re-done all icons, giving it a fresh look
→ Speedometer rewritten, now shows city speed limits while driving (White = fine, orange = city limit, red = highway limit)
→ Created a new square map to go along with the new stat icons
→ Removed some old features in /menu as deprecated.
→ Added code to rotate players head to the person talking nearby
→ Added golfing activity
→ Added walkie talkie animation
→ Created new GoPostal job
→ Fixed taxi job creating a ton of blips
→ Nerfed PD vehicle speeds a little.
→ Revamped radial menu for PD / EMS
→ Fixed “Search” not opening players inventory within radial
→ Added new dispatch calls for emergency services
→ Updated whitelisted radial options
→ Fixed handcuffs not working for non-PD players
→ Fixed lockpicks not working as intended for vehicles / other things.
→ Fixed Depot Price returning “nil” for impounding
→ Updated radial options for EMS
→ Added ability to impound via MDT if PD is stood next to the vehicle
→ Fixed housing furniture not loading in certain areas of the map (3 fucking days later…)
→ Added additional ytyp’s to housing to resolve all furniture loading issues.
→ Added drug ingredients. Pog.
→ Added weed drying logic
→ Updated phone
→ Added fully dynamic vehicles:
Vehicles will now remain spawned across restarts
Vehicle garage state no longer updated until after 7 days, which any untouched vehicle will then return to the garage.
Updated keys to work automatically without having to pull the vehicle out first, as previous logic.
→ Fixed some mechanic items not working
→ Added new logic to set player invisible when in the house furniture editor
→ Disabled time sync while in a property
→ Fixed phone model not working inside properties
→ Added passes + 30 day expiry for golf membership
→ Added public mechanic job at Elgin Garage
→ Fixed photos not uploading on phones
→ Added wallet + briefcase items
→ Added telescopes around the map that can be used
→ Fixed delete characters bugging out
→ Added new ambulance for EMS
→ Added elevator at Pillbox
→ Added public mech job in services on players phones
→ Blacklisted darkchat app from cops
→ Enabled automatic email creation when setting up a phone
→ Fixed cutscene not generating apartment emails correctly
→ Fixed stretcher not working in new ambulance
→ Disabled unused mech shops that are whitelisted
→ Updated GoPostal to take use of the phone notifications
→ Added cable cars at Mount Chilliad
→ Fixed mechanics not being able to do some modifications in whitelisted garages
→ Fixed stretcher not being deleted from ambulance when ambulance is deleted / destroyed
→ Added player mute for fully dead players (last stand players should RP injuries at this stage)
→ Disabled radio use on last stand / dead state
→ Migrated all PD cars to jim’s job garage script
→ Fixed PD bike lights not attached to vehicle
→ Disabled PD built-in vehicle manager, as now obsolete
→ Disabled EMS built-in vehicle manager, as now obsolete
→ Added crutc and wheelchair for EMS
→ Updated EMS + Hospital:
EMS now have crutch and wheelchair in first aid bags
Enabled feature which makes players be in a crutched state for 15 minutes if they use Nancy to check into the hospital.
→ Fixed PD / EMS clothign peds not vanishing when customizing clothing
→ Tweaked PD vehicles further
→ Added flatbed for mechanics
→ Fixed PD charger turning radius being shite
→ Fixed vehicles keys not being given on script restart (causing players to be locked out of their own vehicles)
→ Fixed shared keys not working for PD vehicles
→ Fixed hole in map (don’t ask)
→ Added additional shells to housing
→ Fixed all preview images in /housing. Thanks, Discord… assholes.
→ Removed unused vehicles
→ Removed old robbery script
→ Fixed gold bar not sellable in some areas
→ Added new robbery script (Joe will now be happy)
→ Fixed ped still visible when inside a trunk and the trunk is closed
→ Updated all consumables with the new progress system
→ Fixed wet weed not showing on back
→ Migrated backpacks to new containers, allowing for simple drag and drops
→ Moved ped locations in Pacific Bank
→ Added Masks
→ Removed some unused scripts
→ Fixed blips not showing for clothing stores
→ Added Cigarettes + Pack of Cigs
→ Players now obtain abackpack with their starter items inside when they first fly in
→ Fixed target not working on masks
→ Removed small backpacks entirely
→ Fixed phone creating duplicate objects around an area

… and much more. Check Discord for the rest!

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New Art Work!
As we’re coming closer to the launch date, the team felt that the community needed a new lick of paint - Check it out!

Cops and EMS, commence for duty!
Coming up to the launch, we’re now reviewing all LSPD and EMS applications that have been submitted over the last few weeks. Want to be part of the LSPD and fight crime, or save a life as an EMS? Now’s your calling!

Head over to our Discord#submit-ticket (LSPD / EMS Application) to start the process!

When’s launch day?
As asked by @Vitoo above, our launch date is set for April 14th!
We’re currently processing through all whitelist applications each day, so this is the time to get your application in! Simply head over to #submit-ticketPassport Application to get started!

Another day, another 12 hours of coding
As per usual, the team has been busy with development providing quality of life improvements and new additions within the city. Full list can be found below!

→ Fixed players not receiving starter items after introduction cutscene.
→ Fixed knock knock not knocking.
→ Added progression for lockpicking, making it easier the more you break into stuff.
→ Further anticheat methods added into cutscene process.
→ Added more randomized locales to book progress bar.
→ Enabled movement for some consumable items, as requested by our members.
→ Fixed Electrician job vehicles crashing the client due to a deadloop.
→ Optimized chat, LVC, freecam, HUD, anti-combat roll, consumables, ID over head, weapon recoil and golf as degraded performance by 10-20FPS over a long play session.
→ Fixed player’s head movement not moving when another player is talking nearby.
→ Changed tackle keybind from Alt to H, as third eyeing near a player caused unintended tackles.
→ Adjusted tripping while jumping from 60% to 40%.
→ Fixed HUD map not rendering correctly for new players.
→ Disabled hotkey controls if the LVC is switched on. (Preventing cops consuming all their items).
→ Added police F150 back into the vehicle fleet.
→ Fixed players getting stuck in a random dimension when entering a lab as a guest.
→ Fixed players getting the “raid” sound when entering a lab as a guest.
→ Updated dispatch, old alerts will now clear after a set period of time - keeping the dispatch menu clean.
→ Adjusted vehicle’s glovebox weight to realistic values.
→ Fixed train doors not closing after leaving station, allowing players to jump out the train mid journey.
→ Adjusted vehicle’s trunk slots and capacity to realistic values.
→ Removed obsolete payslip code from towing
→ Added wait randomizer to tow, so players don’t instantly get a new NPC job after completing the previous job.
→ Recreated the locales for towing.
→ Added NPC at the towing depo, so that players can become tow directly at the depo instead of going to city hall.
→ Fixed tow blips not being removed when the player resigned from the job.
→ Added meter reset into F1 for Taxi
→ Fixed meter not resetting correctly, which occured after completing an NPC job.
→ Updated Taxi payment per mile, and starting fare to more realistic values.
→ Tweaked Garbage, GoPostal, Electrician and Mining wages to more realistic values.
→ Fixed a weird gravity bug for motorbikes, which caused motorbikes to be unable to climb hills.
→ Changed last stand and death screens to something more appealing.
→ Increased duration length for washing gun residue.
→ Removed unnecessary blips from the map.
→ All store items adjusted to a realistic value, matching to economy of the city.

That’s all for now, hope to see you all in the city soon!

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Graphics, Visuals, Bug Fixes!
Another day, another update - today’s goal was to revamp the server graphics, as it wasn’t meeting our needs and the overall shaders felt a bit dull… So, we threw the old version out and re-did it again, check it out!

Revival Graphics V2
After 6 hours of tweaking, we’ve now finalized graphics before launch! Check em out:
Tweaked timecycle in effect, showing miami vibe sunsets

Same as above, better view

Darker nights, however not too dark as we understand it’s not everyone’s taste!

Tweaked reflections, making buildings, objects and vehicles more reflective next to water sources

HUD updates
As we were on a role, we also decided that the standard hud provided by QB-Core was getting extremely boring. We previously revised this a few weeks ago by shrinking the rings down by 25%, however felt it was missing something.

After an hour, we made the centre circles slightly transparent, rings tweaked to match our server colour scheme, added reactive colour change (turning different colours based on needs) and gave the icons the much needed colour:

We also made the map slightly more transparent too!

More bugs dealt with as per usual - full changelog below!

→ Fixed Public Mech NPC not spawning - players can now obtain the public mechanic job again!
→ Fixed PD siren lights have a weird cylinder effect against buildings.
→ Changed moon cycle. Queue Moonman song
→ Fixed ocean scaler not taking effect due to script conflicting with it.
→ Fixed weather flicker when traveling to a secret location.
→ Fixed dispatch alerts not clearing due to condition issue.
→ Fixed NOS not updating on the HUD
→ Mugshots now work again in the MDT. Discord’s CDN changed… :frowning:
→ Tweaked PD’s Tahoe to spawn 2 extras as requested by Chief of PD
→ Fixed texture issue with PD Tahoe
→ Optimized some vehicle textures to prevent texture loss (if any)

And that’s all for today!
Fancy a city that has regular updates as above? Hit the Discord link at the top of this topic :sunglasses:
Until the next update…
The Revival Team

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Was asked in our Discord a few times, so here it is:
Sunday April 14th, 10PM GMT

We are actively reviewing new whitelist applications!
Our Whitelist section is now fully open, and actively monitored by the hour for our community. To get started, head over to our Discord on the top of this topic, and head to #submit-ticket → Passport Application.

Hope to see you all soon!
The Revival Team

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Cant wait, but is it going to be playable at the 14th already with the whitelist? How long do you guys actually take until someone is whitelisted?

Hey Vitoo!

We’ve currently processed around 15-20 whitelists in the last 3 days to give you an insight. When a member of our community submits a whitelist, the management team is automatically pinged so that we receive notifications on our phones, resulting in one of us jumping on the ticket within a few minutes.

Any questions, feel free to reach out!

The Revival Team


Time shrinking, devs hard at work. Here’s a little teaser to a new addition to the city:

Pillbox revamped!

PDM Revamped!

And much more content coming in over the next two days coming up to our launch!
Want to see more? Head over to our Discord! Find the link above :sunglasses:

The Revival Team


Looks awesome, cant wait

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Little clip


didnt you pull this stunt 2 years ago ?


Hey Kennis!

Not sure what stunt you are referring to, as this is my first server on FiveM :thinking:
You may however have seen me developing on two other servers over the last few years however!

Hope to see you on Revival!
The Revival Team


Oh okay…yeah i was waiting and waiting…


Hey Kennis!

No need to wait any further! Simply visit our Discord above and get your whitelist app in ready for tomorrow!

The Revival Team

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Revival will be opening the doors to all and everyone in the next hour. Come on in!



1.0 Quality Of Life & Patches are now live!
After a great launch yesterday, we noticed a few outstanding bugs that managed to slip our bug testing procedures. Thanks to our super helpful community, we’ve gone ahead and patched those, along with introducing a few quality of life improvements as well!

Check em out:
→ Added notifications to /graphics, making obvious to the player when graphics are being switched from native / modded
→ Fixed file mismatch between the UK and CA servers.
→ Fixed backpacks not rendering correctly on players backs
→ Fixed texture issue that players were experiencing, basically receiving a random collar from nowhere.
→ Added ability to toggle server graphics, for those who run NVE packs (use /graphics to disable server graphics)
→ Fixed Muscle class not being available in PDM.
→ Removed grainy road textures from visuals system.
→ Fixed some consumables not working as intended. (non-interactable)
→ And more coming in each day!

LSPD and EMS are currently hiring! Want to fight crime like Batman in Gotham, or save lives like that TV show Good Dcotor? Head on over to our application section in Discord and get applying!

Fancy running a restaurant that has the finest food menu available in the city? Maybe be Tony Prince and run your own night club? Or maybe just a pub? We got you covered.

Shortly after our launch, we launched our business applications for our members to start obtaining businesses. If you think you got what it takes to run a business, get your application in today!

And now, on the road for 1.1…
Now that we’ve fully launched 1.0 to the public, we’re pushing forward with 1.1 which will bring the following to all players:
→ More passive activities to attend
→ Additional ways to grow drugs (Secret lab? We’ll see!)
→ Establish player-owned businesses fully
→ Introduce further features such as gambling, racing, additional civilian jobs
→ And much more!

That’s all for now!
Like what you see? Head over to our Discord and join in with our wonderful community!

The Revival Team.



New server guide coming out
Ever been on a new server and you’re unsure what to do? We got you covered! New guide coming out tonight!

Stuck at the airport? We gotchu.
Call A Cab will shortly be available! Simply call 555-5555 to get a taxi!


V1.0.6 Released! QOL, New things and more!
Here’s the goods:


  • Added NPC Taxi for new players to get around the city (Call 323-555-5555 - hint in text message for new players)
  • Added “Ring Bell” option at PD receptions to call police
  • Added blips to businesses up for sale
  • Added placeholder NPCs for businesses while they’re up for sale
  • Added Cig vending machines, enabling players to buy cigs from places other than shop.
  • Added water dispenser around the map
  • Added handcuffs to PD’s Armoury (Thanks Thibo!)
  • New Business: Bite!
  • New Business: Rusty Browns
  • New Business: Noodle Exchange
  • New Business: Pawnshop
  • New Business: Rex’s Diner
  • New Business: Bahama Mamas
  • New Business: Bean Machine
  • New Business: Burgershot
  • New Business: Ottos
  • New Business: VU
  • Home for the outcasts… that’s the only hint you get.
  • Gang MLOs added
  • Added Paleto PD MLO
  • Added Sandy Shores Hospital
  • Added Paleto Bay Hospital
  • Added Camp


  • Removed unused secret area
  • Removed some old conflicting MLOs
  • Tweaked textures on one MLO due to low quality
  • Tweaked IPL to resolve MLO issues (mainly VU)
  • Adjusted fuel prices, as they were waaaaaay too high.
  • Removed MESA from PDM as causes visual issues with being shoved through garage door.


  • Fixed missing images on some items
  • Fixed some scripts not performing a weight check before adding items (Thanks Skyler!)
  • Fixed vehicle fuel not correctly re-storing when pulled out the garage (Thanks Skyler!)
  • Fixed TV’s NUI throwing CB errors

Are you guyd hiring EMS / PD? Perhaps even moderators?

I might wanna do Real Estate, that optional?