🟣[NEW] Revival Roleplay | Hiring PD / EMS | Active Development | Serious Roleplay | Realistic Economy | Non-Whitelisted | Custom Coded | Lore Friendly | Respectful, Friendly and Transparency

GREAT SERVER. if any issues show up very active on fixing the issue. great staff and a lot off great people.

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yes EMS and PD are looking for people. jump in to the discord and go to city-lspd-info or city-ems-info to apply.

Discord: [Revival Roleplay ]
Website: [https://revivalroleplay.com/ ]

Whitelist? Who’s that?

That’s right! As we’ve noticed a large number of our members having to wait on whitelisting to be approved to join their friends within the city, we’ve gone ahead and disabled it… kinda.

What you mean kinda…?
In the events of a modder coming in the city and causing havoc, we’ll temporarily throw the city back in whitelist mode (which, anyone with whitelisting can still get in) so that we can isolate the issue, resolve it by banning the modder, and doing necessary clean up if required.

What if it’s in lockdown and I don’t have whitelist?
Simply apply for a whitelist so that your roleplay isn’t impacted by a naughty player who woke up on the wrong side of the bed. That way, if we do have to go lockdown, you won’t be affected :sunglasses:

V1.0.6 is out, with a ton of fixes!

Thanks to a handful of our community members reporting the tiniest of issues, we’ve gone ahead and resolved:
+9 bugs, 2 which were exploits
+7 changes to improve roleplay, and the overall vibe within the city
+23 new additions (Some which improve the quality of life for new players creating their characters for the first time - such as a callable taxi!)

V1.0.6 changelog below:


  • Added NPC Taxi for new players to get around the city (Call 323-555-5555 - hint in text message for new players)
  • Added “Ring Bell” option at PD receptions to call police
  • Added blips to businesses up for sale
  • Added placeholder NPCs for businesses while they’re up for sale
  • Added Cig vending machines, enabling players to buy cigs from places other than shop.
  • Added water dispenser around the map
  • Added handcuffs to PD’s Armoury (Thanks Thibo!)
  • New Business: Bite!
  • New Business: Rusty Browns
  • New Business: Noodle Exchange
  • New Business: Pawnshop
  • New Business: Rex’s Diner
  • New Business: Bahama Mamas
  • New Business: Bean Machine
  • New Business: Burgershot
  • New Business: Ottos
  • New Business: VU
  • Home for the outcasts… that’s the only hint you get.
  • Gang MLOs added
  • Added Paleto PD MLO
  • Added Sandy Shores Hospital
  • Added Paleto Bay Hospital
  • Added Camp


  • Removed unused secret area
  • Removed some old conflicting MLOs
  • Tweaked textures on one MLO due to low quality
  • Tweaked IPL to resolve MLO issues (mainly VU)
  • Adjusted fuel prices, as they were waaaaaay too high.
  • Removed MESA from PDM as causes visual issues with being shoved through garage door.


  • Fixed missing images on some items
  • Fixed some scripts not performing a weight check before adding items (Thanks Skyler!)
  • Fixed vehicle fuel not correctly re-storing when pulled out the garage (Thanks Skyler!)
  • Fixed TV’s NUI throwing CB errors

And that’s about it for now!

Wanna join the city? Head over to our Discord listed above and get straight in!

The Revival Team

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So sofar the server seemed awesome, lots of updates and new cool stuff

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How does the gangs and criminal activity work tho? @jack

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Gangs in the city is pretty straight forward!
No application needed - simply take over an area, make yourself known, buy a property and define yourself as the gang!

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V1.0.8 Now LIVE!

Patch notes: I need more caffeine…


  • Radio’s now show last connected frequency in the item’s metadata. (Have fun, PD!)
  • Added ability to water plants with water bottles.
  • Added weather check which auto-waters plants if it’s raining.
  • Competely rewrote recycling activity due to QB’s version being absolutely dog shit
  • Added dynamic colouring for character needs, meaning it’ll slowly transition from purple → orange → red
  • Added fishing shop (Sorry Earl! <3)
  • Added misc script, disabling boats and planes engines failing when you “out of bounds”
  • Added helicam to Air One, including NVG, plate reading, street-where-pointing, vehicle lock on and more.
  • Players can now do gym activities at LS Beach, LS Boxing and Prison.
  • Added a hint to Gym (you can use /e jog for example to build stamina while in gyms)

Changes / Fixes

  • Updated phone system… again.
  • Updated GabZ… again.
  • Tweaked the YTYP order. Should now fix most housing items.
  • Re-did the UI (again), now gone more of a black theme with purple elements rather than the other way round
  • Amended Rig Parking names, as confusion occurred (Ask Earl)
  • Redesigned the inventory UI - Slightly more transparent, more black, squished and a tiny more responsive
  • Fixed backpacks not being populated for new players.
  • Fixed pre-configured peds in clothing editor for new characters.
  • Fixed button text in inventory not being white in inventory, resulting in not being able to read it
  • Fixed invoke thrown if phone tries to send a text message to a player that recently disconnected.
  • Fixed visuals not loading modified files correctly for weather, fire, etc…
  • Fixed third eye issue with plants that was caused by rotation not being correctly collected when planting.
  • Increased GoPostal pay rates
  • Updated UI for Garbage, making it more user friendly
  • Fixed bug that allowed players run around while collecting garbage bags
  • Increased Garbage’s pay rates
  • Updated UI for Taxi, making it more user friendly.
  • Increased pay for taxi slightly.
  • Re-designed loading screen, going for more of a minimalistic look.
  • Fixed an issue where ox_lib was being invoked multiple times in some scripts.
  • Fixed masks returning the wrong mask image, due to the masks being moved around in our clothing pack. (This took the piss…)
  • Fixed PD clock in / out issue within the MDT. Should now log stats for the chief.
  • Updated most notifications, now showing icons for things such as locks, stamina, strength, eating, drinking, etc.
  • Completely rewrote how crypto works.
  • Changed crypto hacking location, as everyone knew Lester’s house… (Hint: “Fucking door, open you cunt!”)
  • “DeezNuts”
  • Fixed an issue where some shops (especially behind a counter) will sometimes auto close due to distance check failing
  • Fixed typo “Tooks” → “Tools” (Thanks Earl!)
  • Updated weight model identifiers for all gyms
  • Updated durations on notifications, as they fucked off too quick.
  • Changed Sandking’s trunk space as it was at 15kg (Thanks Earl!)
  • Fixed Public Mech job not being recognised as a mechanic job.
  • Taking parts out of a vehicle will now give materials rather than parts
  • Players can now get out the vehicle even if buckled (excluding harness)
  • Players crashing their vehicle and being yeeted out will now injure them.
  • Fixed repair kits not useable
  • Repairing vehicles will now use the materials in stashes.
  • Repair benches will now disable if a mechanic is online and on duty.
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Man its so nice, tho i wish there was more people doing the whitelisted stuff, so many thing available

Version 1.1 now in the works
After a decent launch with our community with the features we had in place, 1.1 is now planned for release and will have the following features:

  • More fleshed out world activities - Things such as Pool, Darts, Karts, etc.
  • New housing system - Allowing players to purchase housing furniture from stores, players being able to craft furniture and sell to players / stores, ability to rent / mortgage houses, and more
  • Additional Twitch friendly controls - Ability to disable vehicle radios, jukeboxes, etc to prevent strikes, ability to hide /me if contains certain things, and more.
  • More in-depth heists - Enable players to obtain information or items in order to complete harder heists for bigger rewards
  • Vehicle Boosting / Vin Scratching - Letting our hardened criminals steal vehicles and chop them, or vin scratch them. Also enables a rare chance to get a 1 of 1 vehicle for vin scratching
  • New in-depth and player managed casino - Letting our members purchase the casino, set win/loss ratios and more. Lucky wheel may have a 1 of 1 car to win…
  • In-depth street racing - A missing feature that has been mentioned in the community for a few weeks now. Adding the possibility to create your very own races, race for pink slips, and making mechanic job more viable in terms of upgrading vehicles.
  • And much, much more.

What are you waiting for? Head over to our Discord to keep updated on our 1.1 build!

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Does the server feature gangs atm?

Been having lots of fun in the city. Great for crimes pd and bcso have been fun with chases. They arent a die hard bull like some citys i have been in lots of fun and joke but serious. Ems is top notch they jusg need more hires for the whitelisted side. But 100%

Their seems to be lots of good things for gangs

I wonder if you guys would recruit mods or staff?