⭐ [NEW] INFECTED PVP ★ Custom Game Mode ★ Zombies, Stat Tracking & more!


JOIN LINK: cfx.re/join/6lyqrj
DISCORD LINK: discord.gg/JByjKxP22s

Thanks for clicking! Infected is a fast paced PVP server inspired by the infection game mode from Halo Reach!

Infected FiveM was founded with the goal of being a unique and FUN server. Not like one of the 10,000 copy pasted roleplay servers built off of free resources from the forums. The framework and game mode of Infected are completely 100% original code, and you will not see it on any other server.


DISCORD discord.gg/JByjKxP22s
WEBSITE Page coming soon.
CHANGELOG Page coming soon.


  • Fast-Paced PVP Action
    Need a break from your hours of grinding RP? Release your stress on zombies using a shotgun!
  • Multi-kills!
    We have multikills for survivors including, Double Kill, Triple Kill, etc. Up to 12 kills!
  • Kill Streaks
    We have kill streaks for survivors including: Killing Spree, Rampage, and more up to 33 kills!
  • Stat Tracking!
    Your kills, multi-kills, killstreaks, play time, and more will be tracked!
  • VERY Well Optimized
    Our custom game mode has excellent performance. 50fps MAX on RP servers and 90+fps here (GTX 980)

Screenshots (More coming soon!)

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Do you guys welcome new players?

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Yeah! Anybody is welcome!

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Bump for updates! 20

Everyone come check it out, It’s Amazing.

Hey This is Shaun Wilson i Use to be a DEV for your Server… The Server Went Down For a bit after hybrid integration do you plan on coming back anytime soon

Bro discord server link is expired

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Bump! Server name and information updated to be up-to-date!

Fixed : )

looking sexy

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Great server that’s constantly pushing updates. Very welcoming to new and experienced players!

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One of the best FiveM servers out there :star_struck:

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Great server, loads of custom scripts friendly community too! deffo a server to check out
would recommend!

Bump for content updated to INFECTED PVP server.

All are welcome!

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Great server. Very welcoming to new players!

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