NEW DLC - Bottom Dollar Bounties (mp2024_01) - INFO

Sorry, I’m not part of this project anymore, so I can’t know. Please make a feature request in the GitHub repo’s issues section or create a topic in the feature requests subforum (or, yeah, bump an existing one).


Nice! Thanks for this.

After talking with @Heronc it’s in progress so probably soon :smiley:

What files are needed for this?

Soooo… the DLC is still not ready to be added on the servers?

Sorry, I’ not aware. This was made on an unofficial b3258 support that I created for myself and a group of various people, so I didn’t had to stream anything.

That’s right, not yet, I check it every day, so don’t worry, when it’s available, I’ll update the post with the necessary requirements and instructions to change the version of the servers.

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with this new DLC, do we know how many available YMT slots there are for eup?

is this something we need to implement or is it already apart of the fivem artifacts?

excuse me. where should it be placed?

For information - DLC got realease on FiveM and ca now be used.

Where? the latest build is still 3095


I just downloaded the latest version of artifacts 8860 and it is downloading version 3258 for my server. Currently it can only be used in LATEST UPDATE CHANNEL

:warning: ONLY on the LATEST UPDATE CHANNEL :warning:


Volvo :on: :top:

My mind went straight to this:

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is this client.lua or server.lua?

This is evidently on the client side