Need To Change CHAR Picture

Hello, I’m using es_extended.
When I get a Salary, I see this as a maze bank.
I saw that working on CHAR, like char_bank_maze.
and I saw that in another server they got a custom picture, can someone tell me how can I do it?

									TriggerClientEvent('esx:showAdvancedNotification', xPlayer.source, _U('bank'), _U('received_paycheck'), _U('received_salary', salary), 'CHAR_BANK_MAZE', 9)

I wrote a tutorial for this a while ago Payday image "MAZA BANK"

thank you, I tried that and I got ERROR or something.
I get this:Screenshot_30

That happens when it can either
a) not find the ytd / not the right name
b) you restart the resource causing the ytd to not be loaded (used to happen long time ago. not sure if still does)

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mabye can you help me on discord?

how can i change the logo on it?

just stream photo called MAZA BANK

does it matter where the stream folder is? cus i have the same issue

Can some one post a video tutorial of this . That will be very useful !! :slight_smile: