Need To Change CHAR Picture

Hello, I’m using es_extended.
When I get a Salary, I see this as a maze bank.
I saw that working on CHAR, like char_bank_maze.
and I saw that in another server they got a custom picture, can someone tell me how can I do it?

									TriggerClientEvent('esx:showAdvancedNotification', xPlayer.source, _U('bank'), _U('received_paycheck'), _U('received_salary', salary), 'CHAR_BANK_MAZE', 9)

I wrote a tutorial for this a while ago Payday image "MAZA BANK"

thank you, I tried that and I got ERROR or something.
I get this:Screenshot_30

That happens when it can either
a) not find the ytd / not the right name
b) you restart the resource causing the ytd to not be loaded (used to happen long time ago. not sure if still does)

mabye can you help me on discord?

how can i change the logo on it?

just stream photo called MAZA BANK

does it matter where the stream folder is? cus i have the same issue