Need help to modify mp_m_freemode_01

hi , i need help , im tryng to add some modifications to mp_m_freemode_01 and mp_f_freemode_01,
does anyone know how to do it? i streamed the textures like an addon car but nothing changes (sorry for my bad english

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this might sound really dumb on my part, but do you mean customize it? because there’s a lot of different mp_m_freemode_01 that other people have already made that you could just download and replace.

yes , i have downloaded this and this but i dont know how to make them work

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create a new folder and call it whatever you want

Inside that folder make another folder called ‘stream’

once you download
drag the files out fo there and put it in the stream folder

Then also create a __resource.lua (text document) .

This file doesn’t need anything written inside. you can leave it empty.

Add the folder to your server.cfg

and it should replace the old mp_m_freemode_01

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it worked ! , thanks man , you saved me

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eh , im trying to download and install more female heads but i try to stream and the changes do not apply , is the same proces or its different? here is the faces (srry for my bad english)


hey sorry my post wasn’t approved for whatever reason. DM me if you’re still stuck.

hey can you help me maybe I also have a lot of male faces in the women’s faces so that I only get a maximum of 20 female faces


I’m new to this and am trying to add custom face textures to both the main players (Michael/Trevor/Franklin) as well the the Male/Female Freemodes. Please let me know if this is possible and what/where is the best place to start.

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heyy, for me doesn’t work that :frowning: i still have old faces

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everything work fine…change for better char creator(esx_skin) that all or update your es_extended with new version…GL

I tried this but it didn’t work…Does anyone know why?

Hey, Im struggling with that sort of topic, could someone help me? I would love to use those faces for my fivem Server: Improving All MP Female Characters Appearance - but i couldn’t find anything to help me with that topic.

Hey, I managed to get the texture working, but the player’s body shape still hasn’t changed. This is the mod i’m trying to install on my fivem server: New Body for MP Female Characters (w/ breast physics and more) - any help would be appreciated.