My server has high thread hitch warning

Hello, I have a server, I just changed my machine for more powerful, I am precise on the dedicated server

New server :
|CPU:|2x Intel Xeon E5-2620 - 2 GHz - 6 core(s)|
|RAM:|128GB - DDR3|
|Hard Drive(s):|3x 120GB (SSD SATA)|
|Bandwidth:|Unmetered @ 1Gbps|

But on the new machine, I have messages: server thread hitch warning: timer interval of 391 milliseconds

all the time while before I only had 80-90 players

Can someone help me


are you sure you didn’t misread that “DDR3” RAM used for a size of 128 Gigabytes?
aren’t server owners obliged to update their systems at least once a decade?

the PC you developed your gamemode on, was - i bet €1337 - quite a lot faster, considering the memory speed. DDR3 is not up-to-date, thats why your script has to deal with slower memory-accesses (than YOU got used to), rendering it a little slower. almost 0.4 seconds per frame is really too much - if you find any problematic loops, there are ways to optimize them…

The old server or the server was, had DDR3, but I’m afraid of bad support for dual CPU, after here are small errors or small latencies on full of scripts its done a lot at the end

Server specs are just fine and are not an issue.

Please use the profiler tool to diagnose your server issues. I’m positive it’s one of your scripts that are unoptimized that are causing the problems.

And if you’re using vRP or ESX, then I’m 100% positive that it’s unoptimized scripts causing the problem.

I find the thirst problem, i use __resource.lua and my veresion of citizen use fxmanifest.lua i change and I gained in latency

Both _resource.lua and fxmanifest.lua work, that shouldnt make a difference.

I saw it several times everywhere that with the last version of alpine on linux, it had to be done because it caused problems, and this not being a joke after test I have almost no latency anymore

That could be true. That I’m not sure of.

In any case it solves the problem on my side

how i do that on linux if you know the answer ?

then several, already everything to be up to date his help, well opti his database, then me being with the last version I spent all my __ressources.lua in fxmanifest.lua, then if you use onesync reduce the scripts it is work on time, sorry for my english