[Mod Pack] Install NaturalVision on FiveM (download pack)

Well, i’ve gotten myself into a mess here, been awhile since i’ve been on and i’ve encountered something strange, don’t know if this is for anyone else who uses just NVR for FiveM but I can no longer see my colored lights (Xenon Lights) it’s been a few months of having to deal with it but now’s the time to speak up, just wondering if anyone has a fix or has the same issue as i’m having.

anyone else have this issue: When this is installed and I load into any server, all lights go blackout mode basically, police lights, street lamps, traffic lights, etc. No matter what server, but when I remove it, it’s perfectly fine. Thanks in advance?

has this mod been updated to new version

Does anyone know how I can reduce the light glare of lights and street lights it seems way to excesive

How To Restore Citizen To Citizen Original FiveM?

Delete the citizen fx folder. FiveM will verify data and redownload citizen folder. You don’t need to reinstall whole FiveM.

Anybody got the file? the URL is not available anymore. :c

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Hello, anybody have link for free download NVE?


What happened to the download link for this addon?


that download link don’t work?

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I get a not found error when i try the download link.

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NaturalVisionEvolved isnt Free, only NaturalVision.

to get NVE you need to subscribe to their TIER 3 Patreon.

When I download visualiv its not downloading as a folder so I cant open it and install it


FYI u are supposed to pay for it