[Mod Pack] Install NaturalVision on FiveM (download pack)

Difficulty: :+1:

NaturalVision doesn’t work with OpenIV for FiveM? Try to install this pack to use NaturalVision on your favourite FiveM server. This pack is built with NV’s files and ready to be installed on your FiveM directory.


  • Download NaturalVision fivem pack.
  • Find your FiveM folder.
  • Open the pack, and replace “citizen” folder with the new one.
  • Launch FiveM
  • Change your game’s brightness

Download link

NaturalVision & VisionFX for FiveM
Download the mod and use the optionnal pack called FiveM

Original links

From GTA5 mods

Screenshots (from official page):


… but there’s an official link to a FiveM-compatible version included in the NaturalVision readme?

both of them make a mistake in naming citizen/platform/ though, yours calls it ‘x64’ which does nothing, and the official one calls it ‘textures’ and forgot ‘platform’ which also does nothing.

see here the text in the readme:

unless this is some original version and not the new 2017 one

in fact, here’s an addon version, put in FiveM.app/addons (make the folder, not to be confused with plugins)

[REMOVED, this is now included in NVR download from GTA5-Mods itself!]


May you fix these two packs? Add what I have forgotten, and remove what does not work
I had seen the fivem compatibily tab, but I thought there was more content in the classic mod

Works fine for me :slight_smile:

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i had one question are you refering to your fivem application directory to make a addon folder and to drop the rpf in their?

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The new update make me crash with this rpf in addons folder

it works perfectly on my server for the players

It works perfectly fine for me. I made it an optional choice on my server (because some people don’t have good PCs) and the ones that use it say that it looks amazing and didn’t see any or say just a little of frame hitches. :slight_smile:

is there a way to install L.A. Roads which is one of the recommended mods to this?

Just wondering, is the motion blur needing activated or is it not included?

It’s a GTA’s option?

The download aint working :frowning:

Can I ask you how you did that? :heart:

I have a hosted server and inside my citizen folder there are only two folders (clr2 & scripting) so how would I get this to run on my server?

This goes on the client, not the server.

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how do you change the game brightness for this

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  • Download it
  • Follow the instructions for fivem

Will it run on my gtx 1050???