[MLO] Sandy Shores Services

Sandy Shore Services
・This map contains the interiors made of Sandy Shores Hospital as well as the interior of Sheriff County, both together in 1 MLO!

Price: 19.99
Preview: Sandy Shores Services - PREVIEW
Buy Here: Sandy Shores Services - TEBEX

County Sheriff Resources:
・Reception・5 rooms
・Rest room
・Chief’s room
・Locker room

Sandy Shore Hospital Resources:
・Reception・8 rooms
・Lockers room
・Recovery Rooms
・2 offices

・Optimized textures
・Size: 8mb
・Location: 1842,017, 3669,126, 3340472

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Where is the link to buy it?

oh, i forgot the principal lol

@Herosander i update with the link


thank you

Is it possible to only use the medical centre, and not use the SSPD MLO?

Hi friend how are you? You have to use both interiors, because they are togheter

I change the download option