[MLO] Plasmakart ( v2 )

UPDATE v.1 → v.2 : 17/01/2022 :
The ZIP is directly the " Patoche plasmakart V2 "

  • folder size optimization
  • collision optimization
  • addition of pedestrian access to the circuit
  • addition of a ramp to return to the circuit in case of problems
  • add the new door on the doorlock ( at the bottom of this post )

This is the video demo of principal update :


Hello Community !
Here’s my public release map : Plasma Kart ! I hope you’ll like it ! It’s really crazy racetrack map. You can try your pilot skill.


/!\WARNING: It’s a collaboration with PataMods. I made the map, they mades the script.

  • isn’t possible to go on the race on your own (execpt in no clip mode because the script TP you directly. An update will allow it)
  • An invisible wall protects the road exits

This map use the CFX Asset Escrow System.


  • This map is partially encrypted by Tebex and CFX Asset Escrow System. This is licensed on your cfx account that you entered when purchasing the package.
  • After your purchase, tebex will send an email with the download link. By the way, you can download your item from your keymaster dashboard HERE
  • Don’t worry if you bought this map and you aren’t the owner of the server: You can transfer ownership of this script in Keymaster.fivem. Go to “Purchased assets” and select “Transfer to another account”.

(More information here Introducing Asset Escrow for your resources - Cfx.re Announcements - Cfx.re Community)


click here for check screenshot


bvideodemo ( FOR THE MAP )

bvideodemo ( FOR THE SCRIPT )

Tebex link : https://patoche-mapping.tebex.io/package/4724384


step 1 : Copy/Past the folder " patoche_plasmakart " on your resource folder .
step 2 : Open your server.cfg and Start/Encure patoche_plasmakart.

doorlock info :

click here for check doorlock info

Place : Entrance ( left - left )
Name : patoche_plasmakart_doorlobby
Position : X:-2271.905 Y:230.1211 Z:169.9078

Place : Entrance ( left - right )
Name : patoche_plasmakart_doorlobby
Position : X:-2271.958 Y:227.1024 Z:169.9078

Place : Entrance ( right- left)
Name : patoche_plasmakart_doorlobby
Position : X:-2272 Y:224.7036 Z:169.9078

Place : Entrance ( right - right )
Name : patoche_plasmakart_doorlobby
Position : X:-2272.052 Y:221.6836 Z:169.9078

Place : cloakroom to racetrace
Name : v_ilev_phroofdoor
Position : X:-2275.646 Y:223.2697 Z:108.5412


Nice job

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Super fun, I like it !


No lag at all!


Got this yesterday, and had a blast with it! 10/10!


Love the MLO, one thing I’d have to address is that the elevator doors are missing, creating a very hazardous work environment #PleaseDontSue

ohh good job

But are there bathrooms?

Hi !
An update has been made, you just have to download the zip again :+1:
New vidéo add on the topic.