[MLO][PAID] Pacific Bluffs - Fiv3Devs


Fiv3Devs presents Pacific Bluffs, a custom map located in Chumash. This place is more of a vibe than an actual resort. Easily park your car at our 50+ parking spots in front of the building and reach us with the new tunnel entrance to the club that features an open space disco used primarily by big celebrities and DJs who need a VIP area, lighting effects, animated screens and smoke machines . To the right of the tunnel, a chatting, relaxing and/or VIP area is garnished with curated plants and plams that make you feel you’re in paradise and a double-room interior is used as a manager’s office and meeting room . Want to grab a drink? People here can ask for one at our new bar , conveniently placed in front of the dance floor! The swimming pool is made of a swimming area, a bridge for you to cross and a jacuzzi. New lights and perfectly cut grass has been placed in and around the pool, making it comfy to finally be bearfoot at your favorite place of earth.

  • Custom Disco MLO w/ VIP area
  • Custom Animated TV screens in the disco (animation is fully customizable)
  • Totally retextured resort w/ realistic PBR materials
  • Custom new tunnel entrance
  • Luxurious and exclusive “modern design
  • Clean floors, parking and building
  • Custom Office and Meeting room MLO
  • Redesigned pool bar
  • Redesigned pool area w/ custom lighting
  • Realistic animated grass around the pool
  • Custom VIP terrace
  • Redesigned plant areas
  • Customizable Logos (both Pacific Bluffs’s and PB’s)

TEBEX: Fiv3devs | Pacific Bluffs (tebex.io 40€ + Tebex Tax)

PACIFIC BLUFFS BEACH [ADD-ON]: [MLO][PAID] Pacific Bluffs Beach - Fiv3Devs - FiveM Resource Development & Modding / Releases - Cfx.re Community

THIS VIDEO IS SHOWING BOTH THIS RESOURCE AND OUR BEACH ADD-ON WHICH YOU CAN FIND HERE: [MLO][PAID] Pacific Bluffs Beach - Fiv3Devs - FiveM Resource Development & Modding / Releases - Cfx.re Community


Code accessible No
Subscription based No
Lines (approximately) this_is_a_map
Requirements Game build 2372
Support Yes