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Fiv3Devs presents Pacific Bluffs Beach, a custom map located in Chumash. This place is more of a vibe than an actual resort. The unique beach enviroment is the perfect place for everyone to have a private, fun and comfortable time! The Pacific Bluffs Beach offers five enterable bungalows connected simply by a wooden path on the beach with tiki torches lighting your way. Each bungalow has their private room, massage chairs and a garden . Along the path there are many custom furnitures to comfortably enjoy your stay, just feel free to lay on our beach beds or have a pool game with your friends on the central building while a DJ is performing. Near the central building you will also find a small boat bar that will provide every customer a nice and cold beverage, so they never need to move out of their bungalows or to go up to the main resort area. Last but not least, along the path you will be able to walk on an independent platform placed right above the water where you can find a bar , a salty water pool , an aquarium with colorful fishes and another dj booth . Pacific Bluffs has never been so awesome!

  • Customizable Logos (Pacific Bluffs’s)
  • Custom wooden planks path w/ wood details
  • Custom furnitures (beds, lights, etc…)
  • 5 custom enterable furnished bungalow MLOs
  • Custom “boat bar”
  • Custom central relax/disco area building
  • Realistic animated grass on “garden” spots
  • Custom sea platform area
  • Custom aquarium with actual moving animated fishes
  • Clean scenario setting so the beach is empty
  • Custom Jetski NPC path redirection
  • Custom water settings
  • Removed dirt marks and trash from the classic building

TEBEX: Fiv3devs | Pacific Bluffs Beach (tebex.io 82€ + Tebex Tax)

BEWARE :warning::

  1. THIS IS THE BEACH ONLY ADDON OF OUR PACIFIC BLUFFS MAP THAT YOU CAN FIND HERE: [MLO][PAID] Pacific Bluffs - Fiv3Devs - FiveM Resource Development & Modding / Releases - Cfx.re Community

  2. This resource is FULLY COMPATIBLE with that map.

  3. PLEASE BE AWARE: DO NOT RENAME this resource or you will crash and/or water will disappear from your server.

  4. If you have bought our Pacific Bluffs map, remove all files from the “readme” folder when both are started. You should start this map first, then the original Pacific Bluffs.

  5. It might NOT be compatible with different MLOs or modifications you may have of the main building due to the fact Rockstar put a beach volley net right in the middle of the beach.



Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) this_is_a_map
Requirements Game version 2372
Support Yes

100 euro for this ? max 20€ lol people its crazy

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There’s A TON of work behind this. Custom props, 5 MLOs, custom water waves, custom jetski scenarios, real animated grass on any grass part, custom lighting set to be exactly between light enough and performance friendly, every prop has been carefully tested and made so that is between beautiful and low poly, there’s a custom path made out of wood panels formed following the sand on the beach so that no part is flying and some wood panels have different wood carvings and details.

Only people who notice the details can appreciate and this map is for them. We saw other servers that have tried to copy this map exactly and the final result you get for 20€ is laughable (and laggy).

This map is NOT made for the masses, we feel like this should be kept in low numbers and we want to get what we feel it’s the value of our work in return.

Also it’s 82€, the rest is your own country’s taxation.

I can see that you go on every post commenting the same thing everywhere over and over again …seems like that you like going around saying “max 20$” or “this price !? i can do the same for less”.

I love how you pump you ego like this, and i would also love to see your work.

Given how you flame everywhere, i would be happy to model you a basement for 20 €

We can all just check your activity feed in your profile to see how constructive and useful your comments are in this community.

clear he wants it but only got $20 to his name lol :rofl:

@supergashbell looks super clean good work dude … keep it up <3


Amazing job.


Nice stolen Bungalows and Torches :grinning:

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