[MLO] [PAID] GOM | Custom Dealershop V.1

GOM | Custom Dealershop V.1


Purchase Here : 30 USD + Any Tebex Sale Fee's
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Map Details

Fully functional MLO.
Custom Textures.
Custom Lighting.
Custom Propsets W/ Custom Desk
Edited vertex paint to allow for Door's to not glow.
Works well and Tested with Stock Graphics, Visual V, Quant V, NVE [Natural Vision Evolved], And Quant V + NVE Combined. | Best used During Daytime!

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) YBN, YDR, YMF And YTYP / Ymap
Requirements Latest Server Artifacts And Serverbuild 2372+
Support Yes
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30$ [MLO] [PAID] GOM | Generic Personal Shop #1
35$ [MLO] [PAID] G.O.M. Styling Showcase Interior

Map by: GOM
Sold by: GOM


I like the interior but I feel like you really need to work on the exterior and either retexture the laundromat stuff out front or remove it from the model entirely because people don’t want to be buying cars at a laundry


Good idea!! I truthfully forgot about that stuff before release, as it was very late at night so I’ll update the map with that in a hour or so! NOTE IF ANYONE BUYS THE MAP I WILL EMAIL YOU THE MAP I UPDATE!!

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