[MLO] [PAID] G.O.M. Styling Showcase Interior

G.O.M. Styling Showcase Interior

Purchase Here: 35 USD + Any Tebex Fee’s / Tax
Ingame Images Here

Map Features:

Fully functional MLO.
Custom Textures.
Custom Lighting.
Custom (Creator) Logo Picture Frame.
Edited vertex paint to allow for Door's to not glow.
Works well and Tested with Stock Graphics, Visual V, Quant V, NVE [Natural Vision Evolved], And Quant V + NVE Combined.

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) YBN, YDR, YMF And YTYP / Ymap
Requirements Latest Server Artifacts And Serverbuild 2372+
Support Yes
  • NOTE: After Purchase I can replace the Change Me sign with your Logo! (Or Remove it) if you dont want it, If you do not like how empty this is I can also help with that! More info in file after Purchase!

Other Work!

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Created by: GOM
Idea by: BaddBloodCustoms
Uploaded by: GOM
Sold by: GOM


Hmm im not sure the price is right, very basic MLO, one room, got a single purpose, photoshoots, got to say 35 USD is to high.

A half decent MLO with multi purpose is around the same or even abit less.

I love the idea, but i think you should maybe rethink the price.

Its 3 Rooms, not 1, 3 Split by garage doors, and the price is right as If someone purchases I can prop it and make this into something thats not just a photoshoot room if they wnat

If you understand the amount of time he spent on this mlo the price is more than fair. I purchased the MLO and its great quality with awesome lighting and reflections.

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where is this located? and is it possible to move it under the map?

Near the docks area right outside the bottom right docks highway road, in a industrial spot, it can be moved under ground but it’s made to not be