[MLO] Moto Clubhouse - (Garage/Bar/Tattoos)

This interior are builded for bikers or moto club members.

This model have 4 Rooms in Main Building:


  • Garage/Shop, Bar/Concert, Tattoos Room, Office, Secret Room,


  • Terrace/Lounge/Concert, Gas Station, Park for Bikes.

You can buy here!

Video Preview here!


Last Project: [MLO] Redline Performance - Tuner Shop


WOW, very nice. and that in Sons of Anarchy Style. Immediately

is it ok for us to edit and remove the stuff from the pool table so it can be used? Also, if you update, you should remove the stuff from the pool table for those that have a pool script.

nice work ! I have one issue when I pull a bike on the lift the front tire starts to go crazy? maybe make the front of the lift a little wider for the front tire? besides that looks great.

Looks good mate

This map is realy nice…

yeah, thanks next update i fix that

Hello !
Did you “fix” the pool table for users that use the pool script ?
If yes I will buy it for sure !

The MLO is crashing Gabz Mission Row CfxCrashDump_2021_11_19_21_04_19.zip (1.9 MB)

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Very cool, I am super obsessed with Motorcycle Clubhouses lol.

im having the same issue. Its causing crashes with other maps aswell.

Hey, remove the file interiorproxies.meta and is good to go.