[MLO][FREE] Great Ocean Route 68 Gas Station RON

Hi once again, I am new to making MLO’s so if there is any issues, please let me know, or improvements! This is FiveM Ready Only

There was absolutely no mod’s that I could find that ever modified this building ONE building that I have found by chance. I thought it was, so Please enjoy. This one I am more proud of as it’s where I learned to play with textures better.

(trees are not included)
Great68RON.zip (3.3 MB)

UPDATE 1.1: Woops forgot to move some lights!
UPDATE 1.2: Alright, lights are actually moved this time.

additional mods:
Paleto 24/7
Paleto Liquor
Great Ocean West Eclipse Boulevard XERO


Great release! Always wanted to see this gas station opened up.


Nice MlO

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thanks for free release!

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I appreciate everyone’s feedback. Thank you <3

Well done. Thank you so much.

Big respect!

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Love it!