[MLO] Bayview Lodge Motel, Restaurant & General Store

Hey guys, I just created another interior, this time it’s for people who like fresh air, or who want to rest a little in a place where there’s a lot of nature, fresh air, trees, animals, etc…

This time, I made the interior of the Bayview Lodge, containing the motel rooms, the restaurant, reception and also the grocery store.

Preview Video: Bayview Lodge Preview


  • 3 in 1 Interiors
  • 10 motel rooms with bathroom
  • Reception with restaurant, bathroom, kitchen, pantry, janitor’s room with trunk
  • Grocery store with chest and products
  • Mirrored floor
  • Very well optimized +120 FPS
  • Very well lit
  • Great place to add to your server’s RolePlay
  • Size: 5.65 MB
  • Location: -7032166, 5805.652, 17,02388

PRICE: 29.99 USD
PURCHASE: Bayview Lodge - Tebex

Screenshots (click to expand)

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:fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: good job bro … keep up the amazing work


Thanks friend, i’m very happy you liked of this job :heart:

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Great work! And also pretty cheap!


Thank you my friend :heart:

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It looks very cool !


Thank friend :heart:

UPDATE - 18/06/2021

  • Fixed collisions

good work!!

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Thanks friend

Update - 07/07/2021

  • Changed timecycle
  • Fixed some collisions
  • Fixed some textures

Update - 08/09

  • Added more details to the map
  • Fixed a issue with collision of the motel
  • Change the lights!

Updated Tebex Link

Linking to non-tebex store

nice :heart: