[map][free] los santos river recreation area

okay cool

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As I said in my op, for some reason there is a conflict causing the water collision to break where there islands are, it was my intention to have smaller islands there, however, if they did not cover the conflicting area and people just fell to the bottom of the river, I would be a never ending complaint comment section :).

The other problem is, there is a steep gradient from sea level to end of the river, so there is no way to increase the water level without the use of the dam at the sea end at least. (in reality, this is a major flood water spillway designed to get rid of the water as quick as possible, hence the steep gradient.

thanks for your feedback and thoughts.

when is map going to be fix and do you have discord server where we can find every thing that we need?

whats your discord? i can fix that easy

It would be really nice if you cloud fix the water collision and make the island look more natural. But anyways it is really nice map mod!

Hey, still working on the collision fix, I dont think a natural island would look correct in a man made structure, but thats my opinion, :slight_smile:
thanks for the feedback

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Maybey if you had the energy for it then you can made two versions and one with natural islands and other with these man made but that would be a big project.
Good luck with the project and keep me updated!

nice map thanks for the free release

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