Manchester Roleplay


Manchester Roleplay is a Greater Manchester based FiveM Roleplay Community. MRP was set up in July of 2020. As a community we pride ourselves in being as realistic and as close to resembling the work of real life emergency services in the Greater Manchester area as possible, by using information found in the public domain. Our command team is made up of experienced members from all around the UK. Within the community we roleplay Greater Manchester Police, North West Ambulance Service and Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue. All divisions within the community are well thought out, professional and have dedicated command teams to excel them to strive with realism.

Some of our features:

  • Realistic and Accurate Roleplay
  • Realistic Vehicle Fleet
  • Personalised CAD System
  • Command Structure
  • Custom EUP Peds
  • Server Side ELS System
  • Whitelisted Community
  • Opportunities to Move Up The Ranks

How to apply:
To apply for Manchester roleplay you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 15 years old or over
  • Own a computer
  • A legal copy of GTA 5 (Excludes Force Control Room)
  • Be able to speak a basic level of English

If you meet this criteria, feel free to apply here

You can also join our Discord server: here


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Applications are still open for all divisions and we are hoping to arrange a patrol very shortly.

To apply please visit

Whats New?

We are in the process of getting EUP custom made for MRP.
We are recruiting members for all divisions ready for our first patrol soon.

You can apply at

@ManchesterRoleplay What’s the Teamspeak?

Our TeamSpeak is only for community members.

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Whats New?

We have added a paging system so retained firefighters can be alerted when they are needed.
We are slowly adding a few more vehicles, a Skoda Kodiaq RRV will be coming soon.
Authentic GMFRS turnout alarms have been added to our fire stations which sound when we get a call.

You can apply at

Tonight MRP is having it’s first scheduled patrol!

You can apply at:

16 in our first patrol!

Very enjoyable and good scenes which involved all divisions.

You can apply at:

A week since we had our first patrol, it has been a good run so far, we are still accepting applications for all divisions.

You can apply at:

15 in patrol tonight!

Really good patrol with plenty of calls for each division.

Apply at

Some pictures from recent patrols.

Apply at

Manchester Roleplay is pleased to open 2 applications for Direct Entry into our Roads Policing Unit.

If you are interested and require more information please submit a ticket in our discord

Anybody wishing to apply for NPT, CIV or GMFRS can do so at

You can get more information about the community at

Manchester Roleplay now has Custom EUP for each division.

Have you ever wanted to roleplay as a Greater Manchester emergency service? MRP might be the community for you.

You see, I would apply for policing but I’m worried that due to my lack of knowledge I wouldn’t make a good fit, hope to see this server grow though.

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Your server looks great so far, keep up the work. I will defintly check the server out as soon as possible and possibly apply.

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