Manchester Roleplay

@Adaz I’d like to confirm that we are thorough with training and will take whatever time is needed to make sure you meet the high standards that we expect. Perhaps you’d be interested in a role in Fire or NWAS instead?

@Sumaco Thank you for the reply! I believe you have now applied?

We hope to get you scheduled for an interview soon!

Was never really interested within Fire nor NWAS, thank you tho.

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Indeed, I have I am looking forward in joining you.

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Another wet miserable day in Manchester as the working week comes to a close and the weekend begins.

This image was sent in by one of our Roads Policing Constables, as you can see we are starting to roll out new uniform to officers.

If you are interested in joining,

Had quite a few new members the last few days, should make for some eventful patrols in the next few weeks!

We are still recruiting for all divisions.

You can apply at

Why not check out our social media accounts?



If you’d like to apply simply fill in an application at

We have released our first promotional video!

Please check it out below!

The community continues to grow and each division now has Custom EUP, join us today and experience a Professional Roleplay Environment

Hello there, I would like to apply but the application link will not load for, any help would be appreciated, thanks! I also just joined the discord.

Hi , ive been ttrying to apply for this server but the discord invite is invalid anyway i could apply

Owners too sensitive, don’t play if you plan on RP like ur actually in real life.