Luxart Pro Laser 4 - LiDAR Resource

I am excited to introduce Luxart Pro Laser 4 to the community. This script has been in the works for a few months now, hope you enjoy.


• Accurate on onscreen recreation of Pro Laser 4 rear display.

• Records tablet for reviewing and printing records with Google Maps integration.

• Reticle / HUD for first person aim down sight.

• History / Recalled Events menu for viewing previous clocks. Persistent across relogs.

• Cosine error simulation.

• Ability to show lidar to nearby player.

• Improved lidar gun weapon textures.

• Audible feedback and much more. See in-game use guide in docs for more.


All the instructions and information needed can be found on our new website:


All updated, suggestions, bug reports can be made under the issues tab. Download the releases not the branches. There are stable and prereleases (betas).



Overhead / Efficency

State Description CPU Time (ms)
Idle All other cases 0.01 avg
Equipped Weapon in hand 0.04 avg
Clocking Weapon in hand, trigger depressed 0.05 avg
Peak Max time recorded, weapon in hand trigger depressed 0.07 max



Good Job <3 !

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very nice :heart_eyes:



item usage or only chat command?

I’m not sure what you mean by that. You can equip the weapon using a chat command /lidarweapon, you can implement this in other resources by using ExecuteCommand('lidarweapon').

You can also integrate weapon spawning just call spawn weapon native with the weapon hash of WEAPON_PROLASER4. Like this:
GiveWeaponToPed(ped, GetHashKey('WEAPON_PROLASER4') , 0, false, false).

To open the lidar on screen display you can use /lidar or hit register key mapping I (default) as set in config.

I had to create an item with name given in the configuration to make it work… the command to give the radar laser didn’t work.

Other than that it works great once I added it as an item. :slight_smile:

woooow man best radar script man thank you :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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I think, thas a very useful idea what a lot of People like. Maybe you would make this public?

@TrevorBarns Maybe you could take into account this in an update?

I do not use any frameworks and do not keep up-to-date in that space to continuously update any requirements for them to work. If you or anyone else would like to contribute feel free to create a pull request on github or contact me directly.

I am more than willing to add any helpful information to the docs or include framework files in the download.

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this is incredible

Cant exit the records screen for some reason

Please share what you added to create this as a qbcore item

For me it’s not working, I made it an item too, commands don’t work either.

Is this on join or did you open it yourself? Check your log files for an error.

When I open it myself, no errors it seems

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Interesting never seen that. I’ll look into it. If it continues happening please report back or open an issue on github.

would be awesome to have compatibility with ox inventory. so far I tested adding the weapon as a item but it gets holstered everytime

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I’ve got an idea: ProLaser4/cl_lidar.lua at 29bdd062bc7c5d322800a788c2e382776a1ce098 · TrevorBarns/ProLaser4 · GitHub

Try changing the 0 to a 1 this is the ammo count maybe os inventory is hiding the weapon because you have no ammo for it.

normally it should not remove the weapon since when you got 0 you’d have to reload which you cant because the weapon gets removed. so basicly it should work without ammo