Luxart Pro Laser 4 - LiDAR Resource

Even if you have no ammo go reload with 0 / 0? No ammo in weapon and none in “inventory”.

I’ve reached out to the Overextended team with a support forum but haven’t heard back yet.

v1.0.1 Released
ox_inventory and other framework issues resolved regarding weapon not equipping properly.

Big thanks to Jag over at Overextended for the help in resolving this issue. :clap:

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This is so over engineered…I love it!! Takes a simple task of catching speeders and turns it into a full blown LIDAR simulator! You my friend are fantastic, and a fantastic person for releasing this for free!

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Does anyone else have the issue when you are choosing your character the lidar records shows up and you have to restart the script to go away ?

JQuery in the javascript file calls to hide the tablet. To investigate more can you navigate to http://localhost:13172/ after it’s happened, click “CitizenFX root UI”, then navigate to “console” tab and send any errors from ProLaser4.

v1.1.0 Released



  • Controller support added. :video_game:
  • Tablet Night/Day/Auto theme. :waxing_gibbous_moon:
  • Discord hook support.
  • Ability to move and resize lidar on screen display /lidarmove.
  • Ability to locate record from Google Maps marker via hyperlink search.
  • Improved lidar weapon model: optimized, collisions added thanks to @christopherm :gun:
  • Improved speed estimation & cosine error: perform distance over time calculation; add >20* offset from perpendicular random return failure factor.


  • Renamed “Player” column header to more appropriate “User”.
  • Improved tablet CSS more natural colors and button behavior.
  • Reduced speed limits in speedlimits.json, more appropriate & accurate thanks to @GravityScriptsV2
  • Removed cfg.trigger and cfg.aim config lines for controller support.

Bug located fix coming out soon. Sorry about that.

v1.1.0 Revision 1 has been released to address the bug located


  • Rev1: Fix bug that caused crashing when comparing string with number during tablet data aggregation.
    • Affected Files: UTIL/cl_lidar.lua, UTIL/cl_history.lua, UI/cl_hud.lua

Sorry for the MSG but is there anyway you can help me change it from oxmysql to mysql-async sql?

Did you made the redesign of the LVC V3? Cause I really wanna have a SS200 Smart Siren Controller redesign.

Is it possible If I can use it as an item?

  • Example;
  • Adding it to the Police Armory (One of the slots).
  • Putting the Item in my inventory.
  • Dragging the item to “use” and the Lidar will pop up.
  • Once done using it, either press the keybind (1-5) to make the lidar away.

If so, can you show me the steps to do it or is it in the items.lua section?

I did however it is intellectual property of Worldwide RP. Unfortunately, I cannot release it.

While it isn’t set up to work seemlessly, as there’s still a key / command to open the display there is some framework guidance here:

looks sick for real

whats the resmon usage? idle and active

Idle: 0.01 ms
Equipped in Hand: 0.04 ms
Clocking: 0.05 ms

Peak: 0.07 ms (clocking & logging for 2 seconds or less)

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For some reason i cant open it i have ESX and put the weaapon hashes in and wont open

v1.1.1 Released



  • Sonoran Radar Jammer support added, prevents clocking when being jammed. You can find more info on their site.
  • Added new command /lidarrecovercrash which allows players to attempt to recover their PL4 after the resource has crashed.
  • Added current time display in lidar records tablet. :clock10:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crashing issue when LUA sent NUI message prior to JS initialization.
  • Remove potential for race condition to occur when loading Google Maps API.
  • Fixed incorrect variable name which caused display not showing when another player is showing you their lidar display.
  • Added cfg.changeSight back which was deleted by accident and preventing changing sight.
    :warning: Please copy this line back into your config:
    cfg.changeSight = 26
    --	Changes ADS style between sniper scope and modeled ProLaser 4 sight (default: C)

Product Roadmap & Future Features
Installation & Documentation

Amazing cant wait to try it thanks for release <3

One question doe I set up api for imgur but I only get discord option to copy :slight_smile: