does anyone know how to change the language ?

Hello I have a problem it does not let me leave the PDA and it does not let me add users

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Same here, any tip?

can you do it for vrb?

where & how exactly do I change that?

Oh nevermind, I didn’t notice the < div >'s…
This made so much more sense now, lmao!

Okay, for anyone else who wonder the same thing!
‘‘How to change the language?’’

  1. you need to find the html, so go lrp-criminalrecord -> html -> open html file with your coding program (I use VSC)
  2. replace lines from 19 - 349 with what CoolKid sent. (basically from 19 - and all the way)
  3. delete your cache and start your server

and voila!

Hi everybody,
I have downloaded the files and introduce the sql in thye database. Also put the files in the server cfg. Then I enter in the server, put the command and only appears the tablet in the hands but not the criminal recordin the screen. Only appears the tablet in the character hands. Anyone knows how to fix it?

Go to lrp-criminalrecord -> html -> assets
Then replace the ‘‘js’’ with this new one

No te dio errores? es mas que requiere para esto?

Excellent brother, with this update it worked perfect for me. Thank you very much!
Question, could it be added to the ESX_POLICEJOB menu?

First of all, Thanks!

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Description isnt working. You can type what ever you want into it and it will always show what you typed. It saves the correct description into database, but somehow it shows ingame the one you wrote. doesnt matter how many new reports you create it will always say the one the same description you wrote in the description for the first report.

Hi everyone, how can I fix this?

this happens when i try to first “Submit” the firsdt record.
I have the last corrected .js file…
The data perfectly match between the From and Database.

Nothing happens when i click submit except the error log in consol.

Anyone can help ?

Go into your DB and find the jsfour_criminalrecord table, then change the “classified” field from 1 to 0.

How could I add this to the Policejob menu?

Hello i have a problem with a script. When I want to put a new person it puts this on me. Please help me

I changed the .js file with this one but im still getting this error, and i only get cursor when i type cmd, any help?