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You need a dispatcher? Well, you came to the right place. I am up for hire for any good community that would like a dispatcher or is in need of a dispatcher. I prefer servers that have a MDT/Cad System, but to hire me your server does not need one. I would like a community that does not have to many dispatchers so I can have more time to dispatch for any community that hires me as their dispatcher. Thank you for taking your own time to read this post.

~ stephen douglas

I would say give us a look! We are actively looking for not only dispatchers but Comms Director as well. Our community is ran by current and former emergency personnel, so we strive for realism and professional at the forefront. In addition, we use a CAD/MDT system that is tied to our server (answer 911 calls that come in, see panic buttons, have livemap that locates your officers, etc. :wink: )

Again, if this is something you are looking for as well, give us a look!

If you would like a couple of options here is CSRP. I have been developing CountrySide Roleplay for months trying to figure out what I wanted to to with it and I am happy to say it is going in the way I want it too. We use the SonoranCAD which is an amazing CAD and MDT system which gives us a little bit of difference between communities who use the Modern Solutions RocketCAD and other products. We are always looking for dispatchers as we are heavily limited at the moment and looking for members to join the higher ranks of our dispatching department. If this appeals to you feel free to join our discord and we will happily assist you with any questions or concerns you have. :slight_smile:

Hey Stephen, We are a new community looking for dispatchers, Currently have 1 part time and no full time. If you would like to check us out here is our post on FiveM

FiveM Recruitment Post

Hey! Our server has a incame CAD and many custom features! We would love to have you here as a dispatch director possibly. Come check us out and DM one of the owners to get setup! https://discord.gg/sXtV7yX

Come check out Cook County RP!

Cook County RP is a community based on Cook County, Illinois and Chicago. The server was created by 4 friends who got tired of the toxicity common in some servers and wanted to create their own community where people could join and have fun without the toxicity. WE ARE MADE FOR THE PLAYERS, we strive to make the server what our members want. If they want a car added, we will actually consider it. Have an idea for a plugin? EXCELLENT! Send it to us and we can take a look! Think something should be changed? No problem! We also love to give people the opportunity to work their way up, you will not be stuck as a Officer for an extended period of time, we also promote people to Moderator regularly.

We are an economy based server with MANY fantastic jobs, cars, and plugins. All vehicles are as realistic to the IRL liveries as they can be (Minus ISP, we decided to have some fun with those liveries). We strive to maintain a realistic and serious feel, with Active staff, while still having a lot of fun.

Departments hiring:
Illinois State Police (ISP)
Chicago PD/Evanston PD (CPD/EPD)
Cook County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO)
Chicago Fire/EMS
Cook County Communications

If you are interested please join our discord, we would love to have you as a member of our community!
Join our http://discord.gg/aYR3nNV
See you there!Come check out Cook County RP!

What’s up!

Me and my friend are starting up a server, and you came to the right place. If you want a CAD/MDT, and we only have the dispatch director right now! I hope you join the Discord at least and give us a check out, and I hope you’re interested.


We could use your skills here at EZRP.

Here is our post EZRP | Beta | Hiring

Callaway State Roleplay is a FiveM community which is only 2 weeks old and already has 55+ members. We are a Non-ESX server and also believe in fun RP.

With amazing technical support, active staff, daily updates and custom cars, scripts, clothes. You can explore and make new friends and be apart of both civilian and police, we are also looking to expand our server in the future.

The Founders of CWSRP -
Nightly Gaming - Director
Noah R. - Ex-Staff, former Assistant Director

Our Staff Team -
Director - Nightly
Moderator - TheLegendTrucker
We have 3 other people training to become staff

Our Development Team
Head Developer - Nightly
Developer - Noah R.

Our Police Department’s Supervisors and High Command -
Commissioner - 1K-070 TouchySap - High Command
Deputy Commissioner - Empty
Chief of Police - Empty
Deputy Chief of Police - Empty
Commander - 2L-02 Noah R. - High Command
Staff Sergeant - Empty
Sergeant - Empty
Corporal - 3C-202 Nightly - Supervisor

Our Subdivisions -

Custom Cars
Active Admins
Staff Applications
24/7 Support
Police And EMS
Anyone Can Be Cop
Daily Updates
Custom Made Scripts

Join Us Today
Discord - https://discord.gg/M3W9S9u
FiveM Server -

Hi, I am looking for one, please DM me on discord at Trilogy#0001

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Hey there! We could do with a dispatcher if you are still looking for a community to grow alongside.
If you want to talk about it, add me on discord Joshh#4993

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Hi Stephen,

I’d like to speak some more about dispatching, feel free to add me on discord : ) @ MisfitButter#2099

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[/quote]i have added you

Hey man! Send me a request. I’d like to speak with you.

ʞ ɥɐɾᴉlƎ#3345

I would like to join also kieranl29_#3816

add me at Dwight Snoot#0001

we could use a dispatcher Valley Side Roleplay

Hello, are you still looking for a community?