Looking for server: Experienced IRL Police Officer + Friends

Good morning,

tldr; Title says it, LEO + Friends looking for a good RP server.

Myself and 3 or so friends are looking for a good whitelisted server with a lot of content, and a decent sized population, or the ability to get there, and strong RP.

I’ve had a lot of solid Police RP experience from the last few years, and I’ve been a cop for the last 2 years IRL. I would like to join a server where I could actually help the law enforcement in server to play more realistically, and provide good training. Along the same line, I would also like to have a leadership role to see to it that police realism is carried out.

Looking for a server with active admins, and/or that I could become an admin in time. Too many really cool servers don’t have an active admin team.

Myself and friends are all Americans, and we average about 30 years old. My group consists of a military vet, LEO, civil pilots, and an amateur coder that is learning. All English speaking Americans.



I am Izumi and I own a server called San Andreas Life We might not directly offer the population you’re looking for but I am sure we can work something out! I have send you a friend request!

  • Regards,
    Izumi Sachacko

Izumi S.#9269


If you’re still looking for a community to join, check out FreshStart Roleplay! We are run by two, Long-Term Experienced FiveM Members with backgrounds in communities such as DoJRP.

Join our discord here and we can get you started: FreshStart Roleplay Fan Server

Hi, Warfighter

Come check us out at Gang Haven Role Play, We are a new server on fivem. Built off of the QBCORE framework.

  • We are seeking civillians, STAFF, and Police of ALL RANKS

If your interested in a POLICE of STAFF position, Ask for Brad, Cope, or Chris Paul

Our server is adult ran and we seek serious, creative and realistic RP at ALL TIMES!

Have a look at our forum post and see what you think Gang Haven Role Play Fivem Forum Link

We look forward to seeing you in the city!

Hey, my community Signal One Roleplay is a fully California-based community that strives to deliver the best RP on FiveM, we are a small yet dedicated and active community and would love to have you and your 3 friends! Check our forum page out for more info here.

Posting to follow thread. Also a IRL LEO who just recently closed their server. Looking for a home.

This caught my eye.

Hi. We just finished re-building up our RP server, with heavy focus on RP of all kind. Our LSPD is already set up hierarchy wise, but we could use more US sided LEOs for sure atm. If you’re team players, than promotion won’t take long and you all will surely get whatever you expect from such gameplay.

We also have very active and dedicated EMS department that’s more than happy to step in whenever you might want them with you. And there are other spicy things for LSPD, we work on. Having Hot Pursuits as a form of an event here and there, both in US and Japan. Take a look at the trailer and website, if this would be something to your liking.

Hello we are UniversalCity RolePlay we are a up coming esx server serious roleplay and we offer the following

  • Looking for Gangs we can make you your own job with hideout with a menu to cuff un cuff escort and to search with a gang stash
  • Looking to hire EMS, LSPD, SAST, And Mechanics
  • We have a in game MDT and in Game Radios for Civs and police as well as EMS
  • Custom Drugs Grow weed in grassy areas cook meth like in breaking bad in a journey with a portable methlab and go find the location to call in the coke plane
  • Custom Jobs
  • Custom vehicles and Clothes and more will be coming every week or every two weeks
  • We are a community ran server we all be doing votes on almost everything and will be taking a lot of notes from suggestions
  • And will be hosting community meeting every month to hear what you guys have to say

Discord Link is below we will be launching when our discord hits 80 members and at least 20 that are active
Beta University City RolePlay

We offer a lot more in the server and if you are qualified enough you can become a assistant chief of SAST or even become the chief of police.