Looking for Developer a developer for my server

I am looking for a developer for my FiveM life Rp server. I have all the basic stuff set up. I plan on doing a life rp server with economy. I need help with getting a character creation script and a money system set up ect. If you are interested in helping just leave a comment on this post.

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I can help you (20 characters)

I can help you out. I am great at adding scripts into servers.

i am there to help your here is the link to my post

I need a dev for my server

How many folks in your community. I am a QBCore developer but I don’t work on other peoples builds. I have my own superior build and keymaster. I am willing to re-brand and partner if it is a large enough community.

saint l maine#9223 add me if your looking for work my server is esx legacy if your interested

I’m looking for Developer for my server it is Esx please contact me at ⇝Uภkภ๏wภ gสmΐήg⇜#3838.