Looking for a server that has there shit together

A Good server with there shit together

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Come check out Auspire Roleplay! We are vMenu, with a lot of custom features!

Public Discord

Terra Isles Roleplay!

We’re a FiveM community currently focused on vMenu Story-Driven Roleplay! On a unique journey and create a community unlike any other. We have made it our mission to create a community which embodies our values of professionalism, realism and quality.

We have been disappointed by other communities that offer generic, boring, unrealistic and oftentimes simple roleplay. We have taken our experiences and implemented a whole new mindset which will allow us to stand out from the crowd and become the new standard for realistic roleplay within FiveM.

Are you tired of being gunned down instantly? Seeing a random homeless man teleport around the map? Well, that doesn’t occur here.

Our Website
Our Discord
FiveM Server Bazaar

:police_car: Emerald Valley Roleplay :fire_engine:

Are you ready to join a vibrant and welcoming community? Look no further than Emerald Valley Roleplay! We’re always on the lookout for dedicated emergency personnel and civilians to join our ranks. With a focus on realism and immersion, our server offers a wide range of opportunities for players of all backgrounds.

:man_police_officer: Departments:

San Andreas State Police: Uphold the law with professionalism and dedication. Our state police department offers in-depth training and exciting challenges for those ready to protect and serve.
Blaine County Sheriff’s Office: Keep the peace in the rural areas of Blaine County. Join a tight-knit team focused on community and safety.
Los Santos Police Department: Navigate the bustling streets of Los Santos as part of our elite police force. From high-speed chases to intense investigations, every day brings new challenges.
San Andreas Fire & Rescue: Be a hero in the community! Our fire and rescue department is always ready to respond to emergencies and save lives.
San Andreas Communications Department: Behind every successful operation is a skilled communications team. Join us to coordinate responses and ensure the safety of our citizens.
San Andreas Department of Transportation: Keep the roads safe and efficient. Join our transportation department to oversee traffic control and road maintenance.
:rainbow_flag: LGBTQ+ and Female Friendly:
At Emerald Valley Roleplay, we take pride in being a diverse and inclusive community. We welcome members of all genders and sexual orientations, ensuring that everyone feels respected and valued.

:star2: Why Choose Emerald Valley Roleplay?

Active and friendly community
Streamer friendly with dedicated support
Custom scripts and mods for an immersive experience
Regular events and activities
Opportunities for advancement and leadership roles
Join us today and become a part of something special at Emerald Valley Roleplay! Visit our Discord to start your journey: Emerald Valley Roleplay Community

We open tomorrow! not going to give you some long copy and paste description, just know we are Serious RP, +18, and in all here to have a good time!

We’re a small community that’s steadily growing, We’re extremely organized and prepared for any questions you may have. We’re not pay 2 win. We focus on authentic roleplay. Hope to see you in our city!

That’s such an unneeded post. What’s “their shit together” supposed to imply?

What do you think it implies

Your answers are even more useless than your post. I hope you find nothing.

@Asgarr @NotChunges1

I can understand what this guy is saying, he means a server that is not ran by kiddies with LEO Lamborghinis and Ferraris going 150+ MPH and 50 departments ran by 12 year olds because they paid their way to their position.

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Looking for a new server? Nitro Roleplay is launching friday 4/5/24 at 6PM EST! We are looking for ems/pd! We are no pixel inspired server, and we are TOS compliant with everything! come check it out!

Professional devs - Adults - good systems and functionality in place. Fairly new server but with a stable population. Indepth look at our sever posted below.

OK Thank you so much. Sorry I upset you so much :smile: you mean so much to me and it hurts to see you like this

Hello! We are LifeScape Roleplay, a QBCore server that offers all different sorts of roleplay.

It doesn’t matter what you’re looking to become. From an officer to an agent; a street thug to a warlord; the President to a judge, all types of roleplay is welcome with LifeScape Roleplay.

We have just soft-launched and are now preparing to fully launch our server within the next few weeks. During this time, the future of LifeScape Roleplay is shaped by its Community Members through their suggestions and support.

We hope to see you there!

Discord: LifeScape RP

Are you still looking for a server?

Hey there!

Here at Blue Valor, we like to think we have things figured out!
Check us out if you’re interested, in helping us build not just a community but your new FiveM Home!

Come check out Auspire Roleplay! We are vMenu, with a lot of custom features!

Public Discord