Looking for a server that has it together

Hello all,

I’m looking for a solid whitelist server for my friends and I. We are looking for a server where you can play as a criminal and there is great interaction with local players. What we do not need is a server with a “Cops must win”, “Salty OOC”, “Meta Gaming Police”, and you all know the rest. We like to roleplay as an organized criminal unit. We are not salty criminals either. Thing is I find that many servers are cookie cutter of each other or lack and standard of direction in which it ends up killing off its server behind being a live chat server and no RP (Square RP), Cops must win (Most if not all DOJ servers), “Criminal Mayhem” (Name a public server). We want a balanced yet fun server. I come to figure that any server worth’s its marbles that has a great dev team will more than likely be a whitelist server as they would want their hard work to be appreciated and enjoyed.

So here I am on FiveM opening another one of “Those post” trying to find a home server. Here is what we are looking into.

18 years or older (if you are 16 years and older please explain how your server works with such young adults running around roleplaying such adult scenarios)

Great cop interaction

Solid criminal gangs and organizations

Not heavily modded that it takes a decade to load into your server

A solid legal job economy where the wages are decent I don’t want to feel I cannot rp as a front because I am making shit money.

Entrepreneurship, because the business aspect can be great to create money laundering or jobs in the economy

Sensible bank robberies with reasonable outputs if achieved properly

Last but not least what is the con of your server? What are the flaws that balance out the pros?

I’m looking for solid answers on why your server is above the rest

Edit: For the love of God. I do do not need every “Guh huh I just opened a server, its awesome” face ass to responded. If it wasn’t clear enough let me make it clearer. read the above text. If your server isn’t that do not bother responding. I do not want to get rude with a lot of you but its getting pushed here. If your server is dead than by all means skip this. You should be more active on your own server working on your population and building a relationship with your visitors.

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Hey, i have a server that is ment for all ages, anyways, its called California Law Roleplay It is a VMenu based server and we were recently made, We have patrols almost every day! We have whitelisted cops and EMS, In the end its all up to you but feel free to join http://discord.io/calilaw! Think About It!



Server IP

Age Rounded

Ages 13-40 we have!

We hope to see you soon

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For the love of every God created! Do not PM you’re shitty server with a Discord link and not tell me anything about your server. If you’re server is up and coming state that but for the love of everything tell me and the rest of the people viewing this about your server and why it should be considered. The layout wasn’t just for me it was for anyone who is facing the same issues.

Hey! A few friends and I with a history in GTA V roleplay have recently launched a new server called Moonlight RP. It is still undergoing development but is now ready for more serious testing & essentially full play. However, if you do check out the server, please keep in mind we are essentially in early alpha. We’ve decided to start advertising and hope to find people who are looking for a serious server they can call home.

Our server is a Public Serious Roleplay server. We are committed to running a server that is welcoming for serious role players & really want to push for a community who are not afraid to “lose” a roleplay situation. We hope to create a community that understands roleplaying is about, acting out a script as if you were in hollywood.

Since we are new, we are actively recruiting PD, EMS, Realtors and more.


  • Illegal jobs can be found out through roleplay.

  • Legal jobs consists of the basics except you can own/be a realtor as well as own Taxi Co/Tow. There are plans to implement player-owned shops.

The server is in the FiveM server list under MoonlightRP. Please join our discord before joining the server to find some important new player information. We hope you give us a shot!

Server Info:

Discord: https://discord.gg/W9fSH5z

(Once the community gains traction, we hope to produce our own framework.)

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Your Discord link does not work. It is coming back as inactive

you just perfectly described us.

we hold our cops to a very high standard.

I am still looking

We are not white listed but our staff team has there head on straight after leaving a cancerous server and creating our own. We work tirelessly to create mature RP and we focus on the RP aspect with civilians and make sure every scenario doesn’t lead to a shoot out or pursuit with the cops. We hope that our civilians fear the cops not want to tower over them. I hope in this small paragraph I have interested you!.

Colorado Department of Justice

So upon entering yourserver we seen that it was an AOP up and coming. It wasn’t what we were looking for but hey thanks for the reach out.

No it was clear from your Discord alone that what I placed was not you at all. In fact you guys are just starting out and have no idea which direction you wish to go. I would suggest you focus on getting your server and discord together first before advertising it as a server that has been placed together well. It seems you do not even have a high volume of dedicated players.

I wish you luck as you grow in the future and your longevity

To be honest saying : " We hope that our civilians fear the cops not want to tower over them." doesn’t bold well for anyone wanting to join a server. It almost conflicts with the “Cops having to win” aspect. People want to have fun while role-playing not be beat down all day. We will test your server but so far nothing posted has been what we asked

Edit: Your server is 15+ and “Anyone can be cop”. This is the exact opposite of what I asked. I am not trying to be mean here but did you actually read what I stated in the original post?

We plan on testing the grounds with our cops the 15+ is for maturity we allow people under the age if they show they are mature. We plan on white listing PD when we get a good PD base set up. Give us a chance I guarantee we will blow your mind with what we have planned and currently have.

Understood. But you are not what we are looking for. I wish you luck going forward

Hey man i think you would be a great fit at EZRP. Come check us out.

Hey Cadmus, check us out! - Statewide Roleplay | Whitelisted | Custom Assets | 15+ | Realism Roleplay | www.statewiderp.net

IRL LEO, Fire, and other first responders!

Hey Tyler,

Your server held some major promise. I liked what I saw although there was a few unstable moments with the flooring going out and what not. I see that your server is in a transitioning phase as you are upgrading. It was awesome to play there the little time I did outside of not being able to change my hat color I was excited to play there.

This isn’t a knock to you or your server but I respect your settings but they conflict with one of my friends RPing on the server as he has recently came to PC and bought GTA 5 just recently with Steam. So maybe in the future we can join you guys once the upgrading is final and his Steam age is a bit older. Now if it is 3 years for that than I doubt we may see one another again.

None the less great server and I expect great things going forward for it.

If I could delete your post I would. That will be a hard no for me. Please save yourself and myself sometime and read the OP

Despite the mess we are still looking for a great server like stated in the op

Hey, thanks for lmk. It should work now or use this.

We are still actively fixing things and actually have to upgrade our server.

Discord: https://discord.gg/BP3rXq2