Looking for a FiveM Server to play on

Howdy !

Myself and a friend are looking to join a FiveM server that promotes role-play. After having been part of RedM for almost a year, ( myself that is ), and my friend for a little longer than that, we’re looking to maybe try out FiveM ( in my case , again ). We’re looking for a server that can give us the role-play we’re looking for, as well as where we’re able to tell a story, and expand our characters.

Our preference would be QB-Core ( no VMenu ). We don’t have an issue with applications, since those are something we’re used to in RedM.

We’d love a server that offers civilian jobs, but where jobs aren’t monitored by gangs, since that’s been a slight turn-off in some servers, and makes us lose interest, especially as new people.

Feel free to respond to me here, and I will talk it over with my friend.

We’re both well over the age of 21.

Thank you to those willing to send some our way !

EDIT : If there is a Cyberpunk based, or Zombie based server, we’re interested in that as well.

Hey dude I am currently starting a QB-Core Server with my buddy so if you want to it is a small server we would love to have you grow and join our community.

Dm me on discord if you would like to join!

I added you on discord. My @ is lilithellfires

SoSolidRP Join bro ESX server nice vibes and plenty to do

Bump !

I also send you a request interested in joining. ImMini, if thats alright

Hey, I run a new and upcoming Zombie Survival server called Project ALPHA, I’d love to have you and your friends join and experience the apocalypse!

yooo i have one with my friends you can msg me on dis : itzjayse

Hey there, I just started one up QB core, everything will be custom come opening. We have the best box we could get, and we have a DEV with OCD, with that being said any bug’s or errors that pops up he deals with it right away.

Feel free to add me on discord if you’d like to talk more; .hammy


Welcome to Abyss, we are a newer roleplay server that is in beta with a active player base that continues to climb each day! Do you want a life where you can choose multiple paths to go down? Wanna be a criminal? There are plentiful criminal activities you can take part of, the risk will be worth it! Wanna be a civilian and have a normal life? Well you are in for a treat, tons of civilian jobs you can choose from and a lot of fun activities you can find around the city. What about public safety? We have a active police department that is working together to fight the crime in the city, while EMS is saving the citizens of San Andreas. Interested? Continue to read to learn more about us!

Who we are

  • Serious roleplay server
  • Active development with new things being added everyday
  • Active staff and admins
  • Active player base while we are still in beta!

What we have to offer

  • Tons of criminal activities ranging from simple store robberies to huge heists!
  • A police department where the command team cares! New car pack coming with active officers!
  • Player ran/nonplayer ran gun crafting!
  • 15 different types of drugs that you can make!
  • Balanced economy!
  • Gang activities, gang territories!
  • Disease hygiene script!
  • And many more, join the city to find out!

So why join us

We have over 400 cars with 3000 clothing options you can choose from so you always have the option to live the lifestyle you want. At Abyss we care about the most important thing, you guys! Without you guys we don’t have a city, so we absolutely love to hear suggestions and you guys’ opinions on what to add to the city to make it even better. We range from 13-20 players a night, and do you remember what we said earlier, we are still in beta!!! To us that says a lot, so join the discord today and check us out, we are sure you will not be disappointed.

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Come check out Nebula RP!

Check This Out

Come checkout Auspire Roleplay! We are growing every day would love to have more members!

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:star2:Experience the Thrills of Lost Angels RP on FiveM!:star2:

Are you ready to immerse yourself in a world of endless possibilities, where the city pulses with life and every corner holds a new adventure? Look no further! Welcome to Lost Angels RP, the ultimate FiveM server where your wildest dreams come to life.

:oncoming_police_car: Join Our Dynamic Community: Become part of a vibrant community of passionate gamers and roleplay enthusiasts who are dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences. From seasoned veterans to newcomers, everyone is welcome in our diverse and inclusive environment.

:cityscape: Explore the Concrete Jungle: Lose yourself in the sprawling metropolis of Los Santos, a city teeming with opportunities and challenges at every turn. Whether you’re a savvy entrepreneur, a fearless law enforcer, or a street-savvy hustler, there’s always something new to discover.

:briefcase: Forge Your Own Path: In Lost Angels RP, the power is in your hands. Create your own unique character and carve out your destiny in this dynamic world. Will you rise to the top as a powerful business mogul, or will you rule the streets as a notorious crime lord? The choice is yours.

:red_car: Customize Your Ride: Hit the streets in style with our extensive selection of customizable vehicles. From sleek sports cars to rugged off-roaders, there’s a ride for every taste and preference. Show off your unique style and leave your mark on the city streets.

:lock: Secure Your Future: Protect your assets and ensure your success with our robust economy system. Invest wisely, build your empire, and watch your fortunes grow as you climb the ranks and become a force to be reckoned with.

:performing_arts: Live Your Story: Whether you’re a hero, a villain, or something in between, every choice you make shapes the world around you. Engage in thrilling roleplay encounters, forge alliances, and make enemies as you weave your own narrative in the rich tapestry of Lost Angels RP.

:star2: Join Us Today: Don’t miss out on the excitement! Join Lost Angels RP now and embark on the adventure of a lifetime. The city awaits, are you ready to answer the call?

:link: Connect with Us:

Lost Angels RP - Where Every Story Begins.

Hey there,

If youre still looking for a FiveM Server, come over and check out Blue Valor Roleplay!
We are a new Life/Economy Server that is looking for new and experienced players!

We do not require any pesky membership applications, we aren’t interested in toxic ranking systems and we are not here to make a cops and robbers server!

We are shaping our server to become a Story and Character Driven Community, with custom civilian jobs, real estate sales, car sales, and a lot more to offer!

We are just starting so this is a perfect time to create your stories, and leave your mark!

Check us out!

If youre still looking for a server, the New Life Roleplay may be the one for you! With an immersive city, multiple ways to make money, a street racing scene, we have it all.

Join our Discord, ask for “Pierce”

Hey there,

We are always welcoming new players and friends, come check us out! I look forward to seeing you on the streets!



Come check out Auspire Roleplay! We are vMenu, with a lot of custom features! If you would like to try vMenu give us a shot!

Public Discord

Check out Fusion RP if you’re still looking!