šŸ”µ Looking for a FiveM Developer? - Then this is the post you may want to read!

Seems like I cant do much without a picture of all your resources in private messages or access, would you like to chat over discord to screen share?

Hi I was wondering if you was available still?

Hey my discord is davidwss#5206 the city name is even odds ive had 3 shitty dev fuck it up gms house is gone the chicken plant at poleto is gone I stoped looking ive gotten so mad message if you want to help I need a dev who knows what he is doing and I can get ahold of

GitHub - Bob74/bob74_ipl: Fix holes and customize the map should help with missing gta interiors/exteriors such as brothers farm in grapseed and cluckin factory in paleto bay.

Hey man - looking for a dev for our Life RP server we are setting up! We have a big discord for Ready or Not and looking to add GTA! Would love to chat - do you have discord? We can compensate you!

Bump - still active really only looking for vmenu work until I have more free time for economy

Hey there, Iā€™m currently looking for an experienced developer to help build this vMenu server Iā€™m working on. If possible, could you add me on Discord: Drxw#4292. I would love to chat about your skills and abilities!

Drew C.