Liberty CITY map

[Release] Liberty City map for FiveM - #255 by Rythmz.
Hello There! I have a problem, I installed this map and am using it completely. The problem is that there is collision everywhere except the central island of Manhattan, there is collision in some places, for example, Times Square. And in other parts of Manhattan, all NPCs and bots fail, like me. The most interesting thing is that the textures work and you can see them perfectly. Also on the local server Liberty CITY works perfectly with collisions, and as soon as I install on my community server, the collision disappears there, all files are downloaded. Help!


If the map is working locally hosted, then this sounds like its a server load issue. Try upgrading your servers ram.

I don’t think the problem is in memory, my server has about 4 + GB of RAM, I even unloaded all scripts, vehicles and other modifications, left only the map, it still doesn’t work.