[Release] Liberty City map for FiveM

It was beautiful! however, i cant manage to get collision working. collision only working on trees, light etc but not roads nor building.

yeah you need to convert and move wbn

i already have all the ybn. so i will need to move it using this offset ?

offsetX = 68.05;
offsetY = -177.64;
offsetZ = 2.90625;

Also where are the trees,light etc ybn located? since its in correct collision, i dont want to move those ybn

I’ve tried offsetting the ybn’s more times than I can count. Think the offsets are wrong. Had to end up using another less polished mod. Shame as this one seems excellent.

may i know what other mod?

LibertyV I believe

I found better offsets my bad
X: 68.1858 Y: 839.7 Z: 0.0

He looks really good. I have YBN but I still can’t make a collision. :sob:

Is this for YBN?

Alright I’ll give them a shot thanks Pichot, appreciate your work on this mod. I can tell that this must have taken a while.

@MIMIKU yes, but make sure that you only offset the ones that used to be wbn files.

Someone could fix some bugs in libertyv map if i will send him the files? (i will try to get it from my friend) i saw some glitches in the liberty bank some of the rendering of the map is very slow and some of the textures and props are missing.

OK, thank you very much. I’ll try. Have you tried it? No problem? :crazy_face:

Not yet, working on it now

Those offsets work thanks, however traffic and population is not working, atleast for me. I have all the files activating on server start but nothing.

thanks. the collision is now working perfectly.i can confirm Rythmz that traffic and population are not working.

Also somehow, half of the mount chillad is visible

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How did you make it work? you can explain?

Everything to get it to work has already been posted in this thread. Just read back .

here what i did to make it work.

  • download this resource
  • download gta 4
  • convert all model, texture and collision from gta 4 using this tool https://github.com/symeRobinson/GTAIVtoGTAV and paste it to this resource. make sure its in correct folder
  • use smallo tool to move all ybn according to offset given
  • add this ytyp for subway and tunnel fixed. credit to Matheuh comment above
    nj_xref_int.ytyp (16.5 KB) subwayxr.ytyp (59.4 KB)
  • Add loadscreen_manual_shutdown 'yes' into your loading-screen resource
  • profit

However i still cant make population and traffic working. if you guys have a fixed pls share xD


Don’t think there is anything we can do to get traffic and population working, something wrong with the nodes as far as I can tell.