Just Apartments

Just Apartments

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Adds apartments that can be rented by players the cost and rent length can be changed by apartment in the SQL along with a starter apartment on Alta Street includes an option to view an apartment before purchasing the ability to give keys to other players along with a stash using OX_Inventory and a wardrobe using BRP Fivem Appearance. I plan to add offices and a shared garage system for those that have keys to the same apartment along with any other suggestions I might receive.


  1. Ensure any dependencies before the script
  2. Run the SQL file
  3. Add TriggerServerEvent('just_apartments:getLastApartment') after your player spawns in if you use a spawn selector add it for last location option and TriggerServerEvent('just_apartments:updateLastApartment', nil) for any other option to prevent instancing outside of apartments
Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1,300
GitHub - overextended/ox_lib: A collection of Lua functions to utilise in other resources.
GitHub - brentN5/bt-polyzone
Support Yes
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Wrong game mate. This is the RedM Section.

are u gunna do a QB version

I don’t have any plans to I don’t really like QB so I don’t touch it if someone made an edit that allowed it to work for both and put it in a pull request I would merge it in for the people who want it

It hasn’t worked for me

Are you getting any errors?

doesn’t work for me too
No errors

I need more information on which parts don’t work like are the blips even appearing on the map or is nothing happening at all on startup?

blips are not appearing

Ok so it’s not loading either the client or config scripts is it working for anyone? Are you all sure you have all the dependencies also when you look for errors make sure you scroll up to just after the script starts too cause it’s also loading an interior for the starter apartment which adds a lot to the F8 console.

no errors, all dependencies installed