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We are a professional FiveM server centered around police roleplay. We have vMenu, 120+ custom developed civilian, fire, & police cars, non-ELS , custom in house developed EUP, Wraith Radar, London Studios scripts, Redrum scripts, Fire script, Sonoran CAD & much more! We have an application & training process for fire, police & civilians, as well as a whitelisted server. We also have a dedicated FivePD server, separate from our main RP server if you wish to patrol outside of dedicated patrol times!

Currently, we have 3 LEO departments. Those being “Fairmount City Police Department,” “Fairmount County Sheriff’s Office,” & “San Andreas State Police.” All 3 departments are different in their own ways, including interesting subdivisions such as SASP’s Commercial Vehicle Enforcement, FCSO’s Game Warden Division, & FCPD’s Crime Suppression Unit. These are just 3 of the many subdivisions we have to offer. “San Andreas Fire Department” runs all fire, rescue, and medical calls for the State of San Andreas. All departments have a very large custom fleet with many vehicles to choose from.

Speaking of vehicles, every vehicle on our server has been optimized individually to eliminate texture loss and create less strain on your PC, while retaining high quality custom liveries and models!

We have also been fortunate enough to have been given a shout-out by FirstThirtyMinutes on YouTube, thanks to our very own extremely talented vehicle developer RangerZ!

(Link to video we were given a shout-out on)

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you on the server!



Server IP:

FivePD IP:

TeamSpeak IP:



A little about me (the owner):

I was a real life state police dispatcher. I take realism seriously. I am very knowledgeable and passionate about police work & I have high standards for my officers & dispatchers. I want the police roleplay to be as close to real life as possible. If you feel that you fit in, come join us!

We typically patrol every day @ 6:30 EST.

Now for some pictures of our wonderful vehicle fleet!:

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We have added a ton of new stuff guys! New car addons, better stuff for officers/dispatchers! Come see what he have @ our server IP Address

Updated the post. We have 2 patrols a day one @ 10am & one @ 6pm CST. I want to make it work for everyone’s schedule!

Still looking for dedicated members! We are growing steadily!

Update: Server just got some new stuff added in. Come on and join us @! We have active members on the server waiting for you now! Join the server @


We are gaining momentum, Join us now!

This is a great community, Great staff all depts are open SASP, BCSO, and SAFD we have added dispatchers to our community and we are working on a big update that is one of the biggest updates we have ever done and we are looking for vehicle texture editors also we have things like PIS, ELS FIVEM, Live Map, V Menu, Roleplay Toolbox, fire trucks and fire scripts coming very soon Apply Today! And Also here is some pics of our cars

| ChaserEraser: SAR-RP Dev

This server is so great we have so many scripts like fire script and many custom fire trucks! And many things coming soon we hope to see you soon! And we have many civ cars and Leo cars coming soon! Here is a pic of our 2015 Dodge Charger that only has the skin on one side of the car which is to be an unmarked car based off of Arkansas State Police!

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Ya i love this community its great the staff is friendly and helpful and depts are great!

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Love the community and with regular updates, it is always getting better

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Fire Trucks will be out by monday!

State police just got a new uniform!

A huge update is coming! The Dev team here @ SAR-RP are currently working very hard on it! Join us now to get a sneak peak!

We are releasing vrp on our server by the end of febraury begining of march and we have decided that we will release the fire trucks with the new update!

We are going to have the update out by the middle of febraury to end of febraury!

The update is now out the community now has vRP and much More!

Update is live and is doing well. Making changes for the better everyday!

Still alive and doing well! Join us now!

we have been slowy getting members and we have a deal going on if you join in the next two weeks then we will give you $20,000 in game!