“crash_hash”: “redm.exe+2B7D3B1”,
“crash_hash_id”: 1081204074,
“crash_hash_key”: “jig-texas-kilo”,
“crashometry_last_server”: “”,
“crashometry_last_server_url”: “https://mwbgidic.filter.evo-filter.com/”,
“crashometry_last_server_ver”: “master v1.0.0.6623”,
“crashometry_onesync_big”: “true”,
“crashometry_onesync_enabled”: “true”

I cannot stay in server for more than a couple of days

  1. I have cleared cash
  2. I have reinstalled RedM 5 times
  3. I have totally updated drivers across the board
  4. I have reinstalled windows 1 time

I have no clue what else to do.

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Same issue, I has rtx 4090 and i9 13th 13900k, I has some crash issue since 2 days and no have any idea about how Can I solve it.

This is my crash error:

[Window Title]
Error RDR2_b1491.exe!sub_142B7CFA4 (0x40d)

[Main Instruction]
RDR2_b1491.exe!sub_142B7CFA4 (0x40d)

An error at RDR2_b1491.exe!sub_142B7CFA4 (0x40d) caused RedM to stop working. A crash report is being uploaded to the RedM developers.

Legacy crash hash: jig-texas-kilo
Stack trace:
RDR2_b1491.exe!sub_142B7CFA4 (0x40d)
RDR2_b1491.exe!sub_142B91810 (0x953)
RDR2_b1491.exe!._ZN4rage14fwScanEntities3RunEv (0x1e)
RDR2_b1491.exe!?RunFromDependency@fwScanEntities@rage@@S?_PABV?$sysFlexDependency@$09$01@rage@@@Z (0xdd)
RDR2_b1491.exe!sub_14257F6CC (0x51)
RDR2_b1491.exe!sub_14258CFE4 (0x13c)
RDR2_b1491.exe!sub_14258E54C (0xc2)

I have the same build i9 13900k and a PNY RTX 4090 and have had the same issues. This specific issue has affected me daily… Sometimes it goes away for a couple days but comes back and I cannot enter cities.

Any updates to this issue? I have this same issue and I replaced my whole GFX card.

Same build I913900K / 4090 Same problem and error

This is an issue with Nvidia drivers on Nvidias side.
rolling back to an older driver version should fix the problem. try version 472 or below

How to resolve RAGE ERROR: ERR_GFX_STATE - RedM Client Support - Cfx.re Community

Did you find any solution? I have the exact same issue!