Jeva - Start Somewhere in FiveM Scripting

Jeva is a YouTube channel that was created by thatziv (me) (Curriculum organizer) and Wesley (Professional graphic designer).

Jeva was created to make people start somewhere in the programming world.


What do we do?

FiveM Scripting Tutorials

FiveM Server Tutorials


We plan to help people to our maximum capability in your start of FiveM Modding


New video up on More Natives, Spawning Cars, Tables, and Weapon Attachments

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New video up at Text and Rectangles Natives

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Highly requested video of FiveM NUI Setup and Usage here

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great stuff, im very happy to see channels like this.
Keep on doing good stuff :slight_smile:

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Replying to keep pinned on my account. Great Work guys!

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New video on Creating a Speedometer Using Conditionals and Math (Lua)

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Ok. Open requests are open?

New video on Server Events and Chat Arguments


New video up on Using Ace Permissions

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New video on Inserting Values in MYSQL Database at

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Video on Getting MySQL Values

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New video on @Frazzle’s [Release][Dev] NativeUILua

0:45 - Project setup
3:47 - Creating menu pool
5:30 - Creating a checkbox item
9:01 - Creating an item
11:34 - Creating a list item
15:14 - Creating a submenu
16:17 - Using an item in a sub menu
17:50 - Using a slider in a sub menu
21:44 - Initializing the all the menus
22:30 - Showing menu on keypress (to client)
25:00 - In-game test

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New video up on Using Vectors to Create Blips and 3D Text

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keep it up!

Replying so I can come back to this! Awesome work!

Love it!

Amazing series, very unappreciated in my opinion. One of Jeva’s videos popped up in my featured page for YouTube and I clicked on it, not only is it thorough, but it is has very calm music playing in the back :smile: I watched almost all of his videos a while back and it really got me back into FiveM scripting.

I have watched just about every video on the channel and while I have learned a lot I feel the tutorials are a bit short of a true tutorial. I have seen multiple register command functions but nothing a ton of newbies would find useful. The mysql inparticular is a big one. I think many people would like to learn how to get identifiers, save identifiers and load stuff like inventory from mysql. I have figured this out but a bit more explaination on that kind of stuff would have saved me a lot of time and headaches.

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Bumping this to tell how useful those tutorials are, please make more Jeva